1st Air Squadron (Japan)

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1st Air Squadron
Active July 5, 1938 – 1945
Country Empire of Japan Empire of Japan
Allegiance Empire of Japan
Branch Empire of Japan Imperial Japanese Army
Type Army aviation unit
Role Fighter, bomber, reconnaissance
Engagements World War II

The 1st Air Squadron (第一飛行戦隊 Dai-ichi-hikō sentai) was a flying unit of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service. The unit was established on 5 July 1938 at Kagamigahara, Japan. The unit saw service in Manchuria during the Manchuria Incident, China during the Second Sino-Japanese War and Burma, Netherlands East Indies, Indochina, Rabaul, Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Philippines, Formosa and Japan during World War II. The unit was disbanded at Takahagi, Japan in late 1945.


  • Ki-27 (1939 - May 1942)
  • Ki-43 I (July 1942 - August 1943)
  • Ki-43 II (September 1943 - April 1944)
  • Ki-84 (April 1944 - August 1945)