1st Anniversary

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1st Anniversary can also refer to First Anniversary, an episode of the television show The Outer Limits.
1st Anniversary
Studio album by Melon Kinenbi
Released March 12, 2003
Genre Japanese Pop
Label zetima
Producer Tsunku
Melon Kinenbi chronology
1st Anniversary THE Nimaime

1st Anniversary was Japanese J-pop group Melon Kinenbi's first album, containing their first eight singles, all released within their first year of operation. It was released on March 12, 2003. Its highest ranking on the Oricon weekly chart was #11.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Melon Kinenbi no Theme (OP) (メロン記念日のテーマ(OP), Melon Kinenbi's Theme (Opening)?)
  2. Akai Freesia (赤いフリージア, Red Freesia?)
  3. Kōsui (香水, Perfume?)
  5. This is Unmei (This is 運命, This is Fate?)
  6. Kokuhaku Kinenbi (告白記念日, Confession Day?)
  7. Nemuranai Yoru (眠らない夜, Sleepless Night?)"
  8. Saa! Koibito ni Narō (さぁ!恋人になろう?)"
  9. Denwa Matteimasu (電話待っています, Call Waiting?)
  10. Natsu no Yoru wa Danger! (夏の夜はデインジャー!, Dangerous Summer Night!?)"
  11. Amai Anata no Aji (甘いあなたの味, Your Sweet Taste?)"
  13. Melon Kinenbi no Theme (ED) (メロン記念日のテーマ(ED), Melon Kinenbi's Theme (Ending)?)