1st Army Aviation Brigade (Greece)

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1st Army Aviation Brigade
1η Ταξιαρχία Αεροπορίας Στρατού
1st Army Aviation Brigade Emblem Greece.jpg
Emblem of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade
Country Greece
Branch Hellenic Army
Type Army Aviation
Size 6 Battalions
Part of 1st Infantry Division
Garrison/HQ Stefanovikio, Thessaly
Motto(s) Zeal for freedom does not die
Ou Thnaski Zalos Eleftherias
Anniversaries 1995

The 1st Army Aviation Brigade (Greek: 1η Ταξιαρχία Αεροπορίας Στρατού, 1η ΤΑΞΑΣ, 1 Taxiarchia Aeroporias Stratou - 1 TAXAS) is the main formation of the Hellenic Army's Army Aviation.


In August, 1950, the first Αrmy Aviation unit was created, belonging to Artillery, the 190th Air Observation Unit, based at Megara airport. Also, few years later, a special Air Observation School was created in order to provide training, in parallel with the establishment of other support units. At that time, the unit's main activities included target detection for Artillery units and light transportation.

One of the most important dates was 1961, when the first helicopters, the Bell 47G, were delivered, marking the eve of new era, that of air assault and medium transportation.

The modernization continued with the acquisition of UH-1s in 1969, CH-47s in 1981 and recently with the delivery of the AH-64D and NH-90.


1st Army Aviation Brigade Emblem Greece.jpg 1st Army Aviation Brigade based at Stefanovikio, Thessaly