1st Australian Logistic Support Group

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The 1st Australian Logistic Support Group (1 ALSG) was a ground support unit of the Australian Army during the Vietnam War located at Vung Tau. 1 ALSG commanded logistic support units to all Australian forces in South Vietnam and was composed of engineer, transport, ordnance, medical and service corps units.[1] The unit was initially formed in 1965 as the Australian Logistic Support Company to support the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, and was redesignated as 1 ALSG in April 1966 following the deployment of the 1st Australian Task Force as the Australian commitment in Vietnam expanded.[2]


  • Headquarters 1 ALSG
    • 17 Construction Squadron
    • 1,3 and 32 Small Ships Troops
    • 87 Transport Platoon
    • 21 Supply Platoon
    • Detachment 176 Air Dispatch Company
    • 2 Field Ambulance (later replaced by 8 Field Ambulance)
    • 101 Field Workshop
    • Detachment 1st Division Postal Unit
    • 1st Australian Rest and Convalescence Centre[1]
    • 104 Signal Squadron


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