1st Fighter Regiment (Yugoslavia)

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1st Fighter Regiment
1. lovački puk
Active 1945
Disbanded August 1945
Country  Yugoslavia
Branch Yugoslav Air Force
Garrison/HQ Zadar Airport
Commander Đuro Ivanšević
Commissar Mirko Dvornik

The 1st Fighter Regiment (Serbo-Croatian: 1. lovački puk, 1. ловачки пук) was an aviation regiment established in 1945 as part of the SFR Yugoslav Air Force. The regiment was stationed at Zadar Airport until it was disbanded in the same year.


The 1st Fighter Regiment was formed on 18 May 1945 at Zadar Airport. It was composed of aircraft and personnel from two former RAF squadrons, No. 352 and No. 351 which had been operated by Yugoslav personnel and equipped with British-made Hawker Hurricane Mk IV and Supermarine Spitfire Mk VC and IX fighter aircraft. The regiment was short-lived, and had been disbanded by the end of August 1945. Its personnel were sent to Sombor to contribute to the formation of the 4th Aviation Bomber Division and some equipment was transferred to Mostar airport.[1]

Hawker Hurricane Mk IVRP of No. 351 Squadron RAF, Museum of Aviation in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, used by the 1st Fighter Regiment for its short existence.

Commanding officers[edit]

Date appointed Name
18 May 1945 Đuro Ivanšević



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