1st Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)

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1st Frigate Squadron
Active November 1972 – December 2001
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  Royal Navy
Size Squadron
First Captain Geoffrey C. Lloyd
Last Captain Philip A. Jones

The 1st Frigate Squadron was an naval unit of the Royal Navy from 1972 to 2001.

Operational history[edit]

During its existence, the squadron included Leander-class and Type 22 frigates. Ships from the squadron participated in the Cod Wars, the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, the Armilla Patrol and the Falklands War. The squadron was disbanded in 2001.


At the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, 24–29 June 1977, 1st Frigate Squadron comprised:[1]

Squadron commander[edit]


Commander Ship Dates
Captain Geoffrey C. Lloyd HMS Charybdis November 1972-December 1973
Captain John A.F. Lawson HMS Charybdis December 1973-April 1975
Captain D. Conrad Jenkin HMS Galatea April–October 1975
Captain William S. Gueterbock HMS Galatea October 1975-March 1977
Captain David B. Nolan HMS Galatea March 1977-August 1978
Captain Anthony R. Barnden HMS Galatea August 1978-November 1979
Captain Robin I. T. Hogg HMS Galatea November 1979-January 1981
Captain Timothy M. Bevan HMS Ajax January–April 1981
Captain Jeremy M. Porter HMS Ajax April 1981-May 1983
Captain Peter C. Abbott HMS Ajax May 1983-December 1984
Captain John F.S. Trinder HMS Ajax/HMS Euryalus December 1984 – 1986
Captain David M. Jeffreys HMS Euryalus 1986-June 1987
Captain Geoffrey A. Eades HMS Beaver June 1987-March 1988
Captain Andrew B. Gough HMS Beaver March–August 1988
Captain Anthony Morton HMS Beaver August 1988 – 1990
Captain Roger C. Lane-Nott HMS Coventry March 1990 – 1991
Captain Stephen E. Saunders HMS Coventry 1991-1993
Captain Christopher D. Stanford HMS Coventry 1993-1994
Captain Thomas Morton HMS Coventry 1994-1996
Captain David A. Lewis HMS Boxer 1996-1997
Captain Richard J. Ibbotson HMS Beaver/HMS Boxer 1997-December 1999
Captain Philip A. Jones HMS Coventry December 1999 – 2001


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