1st Golden Rooster Awards

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The 1st Golden Rooster Award honoring the best in mainland film of 1981. Award ceremony held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, May 22, 1981.[1]

Winners and Nominees[edit]

Best Film Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor/Actress Best Writing
Best Chinese Opera Film Best Documentary
  • 空缺
  • 刘少奇同志永垂不朽
    • 网上群星
    • 喜浪藻
    • 黄山观奇
    • 跨征途
Best Animation Best Popular Science Film
  • 生命与蛋白质——人工合成胰岛素
    • 试管苗
    • 蓝色的血液
Best Cinematography Best Art Direction
Best Music Best Sound Recording
  • N/A
Best Editing Best Stunt
  • N/A
    • White Snake-Jiang Yisu/Tong Lei/Dai Shengchao/Qin Xiaocheng/Pu Weizhong
Best Custome Best Make Up
  • N/A
  • N/A
Best Property
  • N/A

Special Award[edit]


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