1st Guards Corps (Russian Empire)

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The 1st Guards Corps (Russian: 1-й Гвардейский корпус) was a corps-level command in the Russian Imperial Army that existed in the decades leading up to and during World War I. Stationed in St Petersburg, it included some of the oldest and best known regiments of the Emperor of All Russia's Imperial Guard.


The corps was established on 20 August 1874 as the "Guard Corps" and was renamed to the 1st Guard Corps in November 1915. The corps was dissolved in 1918, though some of its members went on to join the Volunteer Army of the White movement.[1]


As of 1914, the corps included the following:[1]


  • Vladimir Besobrasow (19.01.1912 — 25.08.1915)
  • Vladimir Olohov (25.08.1915 - 08.12.1915)
  • Georgi Rauch (08.12.1915 — 27.05.1916)
  • Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia (27.05.1916 — end 1916)
  • Pavel Pototsky (end 1916 - 02.04.1917)
  • Nikolai Ilkevich (02.04.1917 - 07.1917)
  • Vladimir May-Mayevsky (07.1917 — 01.1918)


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