1st Iranian Majlis

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1st National Consultative Assembly
Members of the First Majlis
JurisdictionSublime State of Persia
Meeting placeBaharestan
TermOctober 7, 1906 (1906-10-07) – June 23, 1908 (1908-06-23)
National Consultative Assembly
SpeakerMorteza Gholi Khan Hedayat

The 1st Iranian Majlis was a legislative assembly from October 7, 1906, to June 23, 1908. Its session was formally opened by Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar.

Mozaffar's son and successor, Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, became Shah on January 21, 1907.[citation needed] He was against the constitution that was ratified during the reign of his father. In 1907 Mohammad Ali dissolved Majles (Iranian parliament/National assembly) and declared the Constitution abolished because it was contrary to Islamic law.[1] On June 23, 1908, the Shah bombarded the Majles with the military and political support of Russia and Britain.[2][3][4]

Morteza Gholi Khan Hedayat was the first Chairman of the period. According to W. Morgan Shuster, "Five days later [measured from February 1st] the Persian Minister of Finance, Saniu'd-Dawleh was shot and killed in the streets of Tehran by two Georgians, who also succeeded in wounding four of the Persian police before they were captured. The Russian consular authorities promptly refused to allow these men to be tried by the Persian Government, and took them out of the country under Russian protection, claiming that they would be suitably punished."

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