1st Luftwaffe Field Division

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1.Luftwaffen-Feld-Division was formed in mid-1942; after training it was sent to Army Group North as part of the 18th Army. Stationed in the reserve, it saw little fighting until the withdraw from Leningrad in 1944. The division was involved in heavy defensive battles north of Novgorod. Due to the fierce Soviet attacks, the division was pushed back to Shimsk during which it was badly damaged. The remainder of the division then went back to the Panther Line position near Pskov, where the division was disbanded. The remainder of the division was absorbed by the 28 Jager Division.


  • Oberst Gustav Wilke (30 September 1942 – 31 October 1943)
  • Generalmajor Rudolf Petrauschke (01 Nov 1943-10 Feb 1944)

Area of Operations[edit]