1st Military Region (Vietnam People's Army)

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1st Military Region of Vietnam People's Army, is directly under the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam, tasked to organise, build, manage and commander fights against foreign invaders to protect the North East of Vietnam. The north-east region of Vietnam, borders with the Guangxi of China. In 1979, Chinese army with 5 infantry corps, 17 infantry divisions, launched a huge invasion in this military zone, occupied the Lạng Sơn and Cao Bằng. The headquarters of the 1st Military Zone is in Thái Nguyên.


× Headquarters of Staff

  • Logistics Department
  • Technic Department
  • Office of Command
  • Department of Politics
    • branch of cadre
    • branch of Organisation
    • Branch of Propaganda and Training
    • Branch of Thought and Culture
    • Branch of Policy
    • Military Court of Military Zone
    • Military Procuracy of Military Zone
    • Inspection Commission of the Party


× Military Command of Cao Bằng Province

Successive Commander and Leadership[edit]


The Commissioner, Deputy Commander of Politics[edit]