1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry

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1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry (Confederate)
Missouri regiments army banner.png
1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry Regiment flag
Country  Confederate States of America
Allegiance  Missouri
Branch  Confederate States Army
Type Cavalry
Size Regiment
Nickname(s) Porter's Regiment
Engagements Battle of Cherry Grove
Battle of Memphis
Battle of Vassar Hill
Battle of Florida
Battle of Santa Fe
Battle of Moore's Mill
Battle of Newark
Battle of Kirksville
Colonel Joseph C. Porter
Major Elliott D. Majors
Lieutenant Colonel William C. Blanton

The 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry, or 1st NE Missouri Cavalry was a Confederate Army regiment during the American Civil War. One of the commanders was Colonel Joseph C. Porter who led 125 men through the Battle of Moore's Mill. This regiment was known for its guerrilla-warfare.

Battle of Cherry Grove[edit]

This battle was in Marion County, Missouri.

Battle of Memphis[edit]

This battle was on June 6, 1862, in Scotland County, Missouri.

Battle of Vassar Hill[edit]

This battle was on July 19, 1862, and was the largest Civil War battle in Scotland County of North East Missouri. The battle took place on a wooden bridge over the North Fork of the Fabius River. The Pierce's Mill area is s few hundred yards to the NW and upstream of the bridge crossing. Oak Ridge is south across and all along the bottom land/ timbered hill interface running NW to SE following the stream valley.

The Battle of Vassar Hill was fought between the federal forces of Missouri and the confederates. Col. Porter assembled his 125 riders at Memphis, gave them the plan/orders of the day and rode to the Pierce's Mill area. Looking for Porter's riders was a 280-man Federal detachment composed of a battalion of the 11th Missouri Calvary (the Merrill Horse) and a detachment of the 11th MO State Militia. Major Clopper was in command of all the Federal riders.

Battle of Florida[edit]

This battle was on July 22, 1862, in Monroe County, Missouri.

Battle of Santa Fe[edit]

This battle was on July 24, 1862, in Monroe County, Missouri.

Battle of Moore's Mill[edit]

This battle was on July 28, 1862, in Callaway County, Missouri, with a Union victory.

Battle of Newark[edit]

This battle was on August 1, 1862.

Battle of Kirksville[edit]

This battle was on August 6, 1862, in Adair County, Missouri, with a Union victory.

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