1st Parachute Hussar Regiment

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1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes
Insigne régimentaire du 1er régiment de hussards parachutistes.jpg
Regimental Insiginia of the 1er RHP
Active 1720–1815
Country France
Branch French Army
Type Airborne Cavalry
Part of 11th Parachute Brigade
Garrison/HQ Tarbes
Nickname(s) Bercheny
Patron St Michel, St Georges
Colors Red and blue
Equipment see Equipment
Decorations see Decorations
Battle honours see Battle Honours
Colonel De Montgros
Circled Winged Armed Dextrochere Insign of the 11th Parachute Brigade worn on Red Berets. This insign is also worn by French Foreign Legion Paratroopers on Green Berets. Parachutiste métropolitain légion-béret.jpg
Abbreviation 1 RHP
1er RHP Red Beret
A Parachute Commando of a GCP Team from the 1st Parachute Hussar Regiment commencing airborne drop.

The 1st Parachute Hussar Regiment (French: 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes, 1er RHP) is an airborne cavalry unit in the French army, founded in 1720 by Hungarian noble Ladislas Ignace de Bercheny. It is stationed in Tarbes and is a part of the 11th Parachute Brigade.


1st Hussars during the Napoleonic Wars
1st Hussar in 1905.
  • 1720: Bercheny
  • 1791: 1er Régiment de Hussards
  • 1814: Hussards du Roi
  • 1815: 1er Régiment de Hussards
  • 1815: Dissolved
  • 1816: Hussards du Jura
  • 1824: Hussards de Chartres
  • 1848: 1er Régiment de Hussards
  • 1928: Dissolved
  • 1928: 1er Régiment de Hussards
  • 1940: Dissolved
  • 1945: 1er Régiment de Hussards
  • 1946: 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes


Campaign Participation Engagement
( 1733 - 1918 )

Campaign Participation Engagement
( 1940 - 1990 )

Campaign Participation Engagement
( 1993 - 1999 )

Campaign Participation Engagement
( 2000 - 2003 )

Campaign Participation Engagement
( 2003 - 2007 )

Campaign Participation Engagement
( 2007–present )


VBL (armoured light vehicle) of the French 1st Airborne Hussars Regiment in Afghanistan.
An ERC 90 Sagaie of the 1st Parachute Hussar Regiment in Côte d'Ivoire in 2003.

The 1st RHP consists of:

  • Command and Logistics Squadron (ECL)
  • 1st Squadron, Air-transportable armored (1er Escadron)
  • 2nd Squadron, Air-transportable armored (2e Escadron)
  • 3rd Squadron, Reconnaissance and Anti-Tank (ERIAC) (only unit fully parachutable, both men and equipment) (3e Escadron)
  • 4th Squadron, Air-transportable armored (4e Escadron)
    • 13 VBL
    • 12 ERC 90 Sagaie
  • 5th Squadron, operational reserve (5e Escadron)
  • 11th Squadron, training and education (disbanded on 14 January 2011)
  • 2 GCP Teams




  • MILAN anti-tank guided missile (24)


The Archangel Michael featured in Mont Saint-Michel and the Insignia of the 9th Parachute Chasseur Regiment.

Except for the Legionnaires of the 1e REG, 2e REG, 2e REP that conserve the Green Beret; the remainder of the French army metropolitan and marine paratroopers forming the 11th Parachute Brigade wear the Red Beret.

The Archangel Saint Michael, patron of the French paratroopers is celebrated on September 29.

The prière du Para (Prayer of the Paratrooper) was written by André Zirnheld in 1938.


Just like the paratrooper Brevet of the French Army; the Insignia of French Paratroopers was created in 1946. The French Army Insignia of metropolitan Paratroopers represents a closed <<winged armed dextrochere>>, meaning a "right winged arm" armed with a sword pointing upwards. The Insignia makes reference to the Patron of Paratroopers. In fact, the Insignia represents <<the right Arm of Saint Michael>>, the Archangel which according to Liturgy is the <<Armed Arm of God>>. This Insignia is the symbol of righteous combat and fidelity to superior missions. The French Army Insignia of Marine Infantry Paratroopers is backgrounded by a Marine Anchor.

Regimental Colors[edit]

Honor Guard of the 1e RHP


Battle honours[edit]


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