1st Regiment of Life Guards

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1st Regiment of Life Guards
1st Regiment of Life Guards Cap Badge.jpg
Cap badge of the 1st Life Guards
Active 1788–1922
Country  Kingdom of Great Britain (1788–1800)
 United Kingdom (1801–1922)
Branch Army
Type Household Cavalry
Role Cavalry

The 1st Regiment of Life Guards was a cavalry regiment in the British Army, part of the Household Cavalry. It was formed in 1788 by the union of the 1st Troop of Horse Guards and 1st Troop of Horse Grenadier Guards. In 1922, it was amalgamated with the 2nd Regiment of Life Guards to form the Life Guards.


In the Napoleonic Wars, it fought in the Peninsular War and Waterloo. In 1877, it was renamed 1st Life Guards and contributed to the Household Cavalry Composite Regiment in the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian War, the 1899–1901 Second Boer War and in the Great War from August to November, 1914. From 1916 to 1918, the Reserve Regiment contributed to the Household Battalion. In 1918, the regiment was converted to the 1st Battalion, Guards Machine Gun Regiment. It was reconstituted in 1919 and was amalgamated with the 2nd Regiment of Life Guards in 1922 to form the Life Guards.[1]

Battle honours[edit]

The battle honours were:[1]

Colonels-in-Chief [2][edit]

  • 1815–1830: HM King George IV
  • 1830–1837: HM King William IV
  • 1837–1880: vacant
  • 1880–1910: F.M. HM King Edward VII
  • 1910–1922: F.M. HM King George V

Regimental Colonels[2][edit]

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