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Edward R. Roybal Learning Center in Downtown Los Angeles
Perspective of being on the First Street Bridge

1st Street is an east–west thoroughfare in Los Angeles and Monterey Park, California. It serves as a postal divider between north and south and is one of a few streets to run across the Los Angeles River. Though it serves as a major road east of downtown Los Angeles, it is a mostly residential street to the west.[1]

First Street bridge over the LA River

For over a mile between Hoover Street and Glendale Boulevard, 1st Street is synonymous with Beverly Boulevard.

Aliso Pico Station on 1st street


The Gold Line runs on east 1st Street between Alameda and Indiana Streets; it operates the Little Tokyo/Arts District, Pico/Aliso, Mariachi Plaza, Soto and Indiana stations. Metro Local line 14 runs through west 1st Street and Metro Local line 30 through East 1st Street. The under construction Metro Regional Connector will have a new light rail subway station on the intersection of 1st Street and Central Avenue.

Film History[edit]

First Street was a location background filmed during the Blood In Blood Out[3][circular reference] movie.

Downtown Bridges[edit]

Walking through these historic bridges in Downtown Los Angeles since 1910 to the 1930s had been a leisure and pastime for some people. In the book Down By The Los Angeles River written by Joe Linton he narrates the readers on a walking path starting from First Street Bridge.[4] LA voters in 1924 passed the Viaduct Bond Act that would allocate 2 million dollars through a tax, the funds allocated would go towards revitalizing the Downtown Los Angeles Bridges.[4]The friends of the Los Angeles River mobilized the La Gran Limpieza to clean up the Los Angeles River with an educational feature where they invited elementary,middle,high school students.[5]A collaboration the friends of the Los Angeles had was with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps’ Clean & Green program that monitored the water quality at the rivers monthly.[6]Under their collorbarted event efforts activities included cleaning up trash, science experiments, educational workshop, and familiarize participants with the L.A river bridges themselves since events would be facilitated there to create community identity.[7]

Downtown Bridges.jpg

Notable landmarks[8][edit]


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