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Ball-and-stick model of the 2-fluoromethamphetamine molecule
Clinical data
Routes of
Legal status
Legal status
CAS Number
PubChem CID
Chemical and physical data
Formula C10H14FN
Molar mass 167.223 g/mol
3D model (Jmol)
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2-Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA) is a stimulant drug from the amphetamine family which has rarely been found possessed as a designer drug.[1][2] Effects include euphoria, loss of appetite, increased energy, insomnia, focus enhancement, bronchodialation, motivation enhancement, and dry mouth[3].

It is often compared by its users in anecdotal reports to Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) in regards to 2-FMA's dosage, duration, and general effects profile. What is unique to 2-FMA is that even though it is chemically related to Methamphetamine, it does not share the same effects profile and is more comparable to Dextroamphetamine or Lisdexamfetamine [4]. Compared against most pharmaceutical amphetamine formulations, it produces noticeably fewer physical side-effects, such as minimal nausea, negligible effects on anxiety, and lack of uncomfortable off-set of effects ('comedown).[5]

Legal Status[edit]


As of October 2015 2-FMA is a controlled substance in China.[6]

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