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2-plan Desktop and 2-plan Team
Developer(s) 2-plan GmbH
Initial release 2010; 6 years ago (2010) for 2-plan Desktop
Preview release 2.0.0 / August 24, 2011; 4 years ago (2011-08-24)
Development status Active
Written in Eclipse RCP,[1] Java, PHP
Operating system Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Project management software
License 2-plan Desktop – Proprietary; 2-plan Team – GNU General Public License
Website 2-plan.com

2-plan project management software consists of three project management tools. One is the 2-plan Desktop, "a free program for desktop scheduling" and other project manager related tasks.[2] The second one is 2-plan Team, an open-source project software for the collaboration of teams online, which is a fork of Collabtive.[3] The last one is Work 2-gether, a Scrum Board Task Management System.

2-plan Desktop and 2-plan Team are offered as free downloads in Project Management Institute - Italy,[4] PC World Australia[5][6] and Computer World.[7][8]

The tool is available online, installed and on smartphone.

2-plan was founded in 2010, its headquarter is located in Germany.

2-Plan Desktop[edit]

2-Plan Desktop is a free project management software with features [9] including:

  • Work Breakdown structure
  • Planning features
  • Baseline and Critical Path
  • Gantt Chart

Reviews and awards[edit]

2-plan project management software has the following reviews and/or awards:

  • Gizmo's Freeware[10]
  • A Girl's Guide to Project Management[11]
  • The Windows Club[12]
  • Softpedia.com[13]
  • PMSoftware.org[14]
  • SoftSea.com[15]


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