2.02 (Buran-class spacecraft)

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Country Soviet Union
Status Partially dismantled, remains outside Tushino Machine Building Plant, near Moscow.
Time spent in space Never flew in space

2.02 is the designation of the fourth built[1] Soviet/Russian space shuttle orbiter to be produced as part of the Buran program. It carried the GRAU index serial number "11F35 K4" and is (depending on the source) also known as "OK-2K2", "Orbiter K4", "OK 2.02" or "Shuttle 2.02". It was never officially named.

In 1993, when the Buran program was stopped, orbiter 2.02 was in an early stage of construction[2] (10-20 percent). The incomplete 2.02 was later partially dismantled at its construction site and moved to the outside of the Tushino Machine Building Plant, near Moscow.

Some of the tiles from orbiter 2.02 were sold and auctioned on the Internet.

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