2. Divisjon

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Country Norway
Confederation UEFA
Founded 2016– (as PostNord-ligaen)
2012–2015 (as Oddsen-ligaen)
2009–2011 (as Fair Play ligaen)
1991–2008 (as 2. divisjon)
1963[citation needed]–1990 (as 3. divisjon)
Number of teams 56 (divided into 4 groups of 14)
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to OBOS-ligaen
Relegation to 3. Divisjon
Domestic cup(s) Norwegian Cup
Current champions KFUM Oslo, Raufoss, Ull/Kisa and
Website fotball.no
2016 2. Divisjon

The 2. Divisjon is the third highest level of the Norwegian football league system.

There are 56 teams divided into four groups, and at the end of the season the winner of each group earns promotion to the second highest league, OBOS-Ligaen. The bottom three teams in each group are relegated to the Third Division.

The 2. Divisjon is the highest league a reserve team can participate in, and only reserve teams from the Tippeligaen clubs (first tier) are allowed to enter. The participation of reserve teams stirs debate from time to time.[1]


Until the 1996 season the league was divided into six groups. Between 1997 and 2001 that was increased to eight. It was named the Third Division (Norwegian: 3. divisjon) until 1990.[citation needed]

From 2009 to 2011, the name of the league was Fair Play ligaen.[2] Since 2012, the official name of the league has been Oddsenligaen (after the main sponsor Norsk Tipping's betting-game called Oddsen).[3]

List of current clubs[edit]


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