2. deild karla

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2. deild karla
Country Iceland
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1997
1988 (as 3. deild karla)
1966 (as 3. deild karla NA/SV)
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to 1. deild karla
Relegation to 3. deild karla
Domestic cup(s) Bikarkeppni karla
Current champions HK

2. deild karla (E. Men's Second Division) is a football league in Iceland. It is the third division in the Icelandic football league system. Current champions are Völsungur .

The division was started in 1966 as third division with two provisional groups, with number of teams varying from 7 to 10 teams in each group. In 1987 it was decided to merge the two groups to form a single nationwide league with 10 teams so at the end of the 1987 season only three teams from each group would stay in the league, the top teams in each group were promoted, all other teams relegated to the 4th division and two teams promoted from the 4th division. In 1997 after a name change, the division became Second division.

In 2008, as a part of a general change in Icelandic football, the number of teams was increased from 10 to 12.

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