2/5th Field Regiment (Australia)

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2/5th Field Regiment
069260 Unloading 25 pounder off Jap barge Buna.JPG
Members of the 2/5th Field Regiment unloading a 25 Pounder at Buna
Active 1940–46
Country Australia
Branch Australian Military Forces
Type Regiment
Role Artillery

The 2/5th Field Regiment was an Australian Army artillery regiment formed on 25 April 1940, as part of the 7th Division in 1940 during World War II. The regiment was part of the North African Campaign, Syria-Lebanon Campaign, Salamaua-Lae campaign, Finisterre Range campaign and the Borneo campaign. The regiment was disbanded on 26 February 1946.

One member of the regiment, Lieutenant Roden Cutler, received the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Syria-Lebanon Campaign.[1]


Further reading[edit]

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