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Twenty or 20 may refer to:


Art, entertainment, and media[edit]




Other uses[edit]

  • Twenty (film), a 2015 film
  • Rolls-Royce Twenty
  • Twenty dollar bill (disambiguation)
  • Twenty Year Curse, the pattern of presidents of the United States who were elected to office in 1840, 1860, 1880, 1900, 1920, 1940, and 1960 to die in office, which pattern ended with the 1980 presidency of Ronald Reagan, who survived his time in office and, notably, an attempted assassination
  • $20, in the United States Constitution, the threshold value of civil disputes above which the right to trial by jury is preserved
  • 20, the age of majority in various countries, but an adult
  • 20, the age at which a person is no longer a teenager
  • 20, abbreviation for the ten-code 10-20 Advise to location often used by police, CB users, and Sons of Anarchy characters

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