2000–01 International Baseball League of Australia season

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The 2000-01 International Baseball League of Australia was the 2nd season of the League. The 2000-01 leagues was to consist of 3 parts; A traditional Claxton Shield Tournament, to be played in late December 2000, an All-Star game and an International Development League to be played exclusively on the Gold Coast at Palm Meadows and Carrara Oval from late November 2000 to late January 2001.

Claxton Shield[edit]

The 2000-01 Claxton Shield was to be held at Blacktown International Ballpark in the week after Christmas.[1][2] The Tournament was canceled in early December due to the grounds being unfit for play. The timing of a Tournament was also unpopular with many of the players.[1]

All-Star Challenge[edit]

The All-Star Challenge was scheduled for the Australia Day weekend 26–28 January 2001,[2] it was to be held at Colonial Stadium, Melbourne.[1][2] The weekend was to be contested by the Australia national baseball team and an All-Star team that was rumored to include MLB player Roberto Alomar.[1] The game was canceled at the same time at the 2000-01 Claxton Shield.[1]

Gold Coast League[edit]

The International Baseball League championship was played exclusively on the Gold Coast at Palm Meadows and Carrara Oval.[1] It consisted of 4 teams, IBLA Australia, IBLA Internationals, a Major League Baseball All-Stars team and the Taiwan National Baseball Team.[2]

The league was held from 29 November 2000 to 20 January 2001,[2] The one game Championship playoff was won by the IBLA Internationals on 21 January 2001. The Internationals defeated Australia 2-1.


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