2000 Chatham Cup

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2000 Chatham Cup
Dates 9 September 2000
Championship venue North Harbour Stadium, North Shore
Champions Napier City Rovers (3rd title)
Runners-up Central United
Championship match score 4–1
Jack Batty Memorial Cup Jimmy Cudd (Napier City Rovers)

The 2000 Chatham Cup was the 73rd annual nationwide knockout football competition in New Zealand.

Up to the last 16 of the competition, the cup was run in three regions (northern, central, and southern), with an open draw from the quarter-finals on. National League teams received a bye until the Fourth Round (last 32). In all, 123 teams took part in the competition. Note: Different sources give different numberings for the rounds of the competition. Some record five rounds prior to the quarter-finals; others note a qualifying round followed by four full rounds.

The 2000 final[edit]

Napier City Rovers won the league/cup double. As the league changed from a club competition to one contested by regional franchises in 2004, they were the last team ever to do so.

The Jack Batty Memorial Cup is awarded to the player adjudged to have made to most positive impact in the Chatham Cup final. The winner of the 2008 Jack Batty Memorial Cup was Jimmy Cudd of Napier City Rovers.


Third Round[edit]

Northland United (Whangarei) 1 – 8 Takapuna City

Wairarapa United (Masterton) 2 – 3 Gisborne City
* Won on penalties by Birkenhead United (8-7)

Fourth Round[edit]

Claudelands Rovers 0 – 2 Metro (Auckland)

Wellington Olympic 1 – 0 Manawatu (Palmerston North)
* Won on penalties by Bay Olympic (5-4)

Fifth Round[edit]

2 July
Central United 2 – 1 (aet) Bay Olympic
Koprivcic, Vuksich Woodhams

1 July
Halswell United 1 – 4 (aet) Napier City Rovers
Quilter McIvor, Pilcher, Akers, Gearey

1 July
Metro 4 – 2 Tauranga City United
Phommahaxay, McNeil, Curteis, Hird (pen.) Creighton, Derry

2 July
Waitakere City 6 – 1 Onehunga Sports
Gillies 2, Farac, McKenna, Viljoen, Edwards Clare

1 July
Wellington United 3 – 1 Island Bay United
Clare 2, Walla Sule (o.g.)


30 July
Central United 4 – 3 Metro
Major 2 (1 pen.), de Jong, Mack [1] Hird (pen.), McNeil, Green
Kiwitea Street, Auckland
Referee: T. Cawte

30 July
Wellington United 2 – 4 (aet) Miramar Rangers
Pine, Foldi (pen.) Oughton 2, Satos, Bernard


20 August
Napier City Rovers 4 – 1 Miramar Rangers
Akers 2, McIvor, Cudd Patrick


9 September
Napier City Rovers 4 – 1 Central United
Cudd, McIvor, Ravenhill, Birnie [2] Mack