2000 Coupe de France Final

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The 2000 Coupe de France Final was a football match held at Stade de France, Saint-Denis on 7 May 2000 that saw FC Nantes Atlantique defeat the surprising amateur team of Calais RUFC from CFA 2–1 thanks to two goals by Antoine Sibierski.

Match details[edit]

Nantes 2–1 Calais
Sibierski Goal 50'90' (pen.) Dutitre Goal 34'
Attendance: 78,717
GK 1 France Mickaël Landreau (c)
DF 2 France Jean-Marc Chanelet
DF 3 France Nicolas Gillet
DF 4 Argentina Nestor Fabbri
DF 6 Cameroon Salomon Olembé
MF 10 France Éric Carrière
MF 5 France Mathieu Berson
MF 11 France Antoine Sibierski
MF 7 France Charles Devineau Substituted off 69'
FW 9 France Alioune Touré Substituted off 73'
FW 8 France Frédéric da Rocha
MF 15 France Olivier Monterrubio Substituted in 69'
FW 14 France Alain Caveglia Substituted in 73'
France Reynald Denoueix
GK 1 France Cédric Schille
DF France Jocelyn Merlen
DF France Fabrice Baron
DF France Grégory Deswarte
DF 3 France Réginal Becque (c)
MF France Cédric Jandau
MF France Grégory Lefebvre Substituted off 54'
MF France Emmanuel Vasseur
MF France Christophe Hogard
FW France Mickaël Gérard
FW 11 France Jérôme Dutitre Substituted off 54'
MF France Stéphane Canu Substituted in 54'
MF France Mathieu Millien Substituted in 54' Substituted off 90'
MF France Benoît Lestavel Substituted in 90'
Spain Ladislas Lozano

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