2000 French Figure Skating Championships

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The French Figure Skating Championships (French: Championnat de France Elite) is a figure skating national championship held annually to determine the national champions of France. Skaters compete at the senior level in the disciplines of men's singles, women's singles, pair skating, and ice dancing.

The 1999–2000 competition took place between December 9th and 12th, 1999 in Courchevel. The event was used to help determine the French team to the 2000 European Figure Skating Championships and the 2000 World Figure Skating Championships.

Senior-level Results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Stanick Jeannette
2 Gabriel Monnier
3 Vincent Restencourt
4 Thierry Cérez
5 Laurent Tobel
6 Frédéric Dambier
7 Mathieu Delcambre
8 Cyril Brun
9 Jean-Michel Debay
10 Brian Joubert
11 Johann Sand'homme
12 Thomas Dussous
13 Maxime Duchemin
14 Julien Bouchard
15 Samuel Baquier
16 Damien Djordjevic
17 Laurent Porteret
18 Mehdi Nafakh


Rank Name
1 Vanessa Gusmeroli
2 Gwenaëlle Jullien
3 Julie Cortial
4 Anne-Sophie Calvez
5 Céline Masson
6 Tatiana Plioucheva
7 Carole Azario
8 Christelle Miro
9 Sophie Favrichon
10 Juliette Ligner


Rank Name
1 Sarah Abitbol / Stéphane Bernadis
Germany Mariana Kautz / Norman Jescke
2 Catherine Huc / Vivien Rolland
Germany Katharina Rybkowski / Rico Rex

Ice Dancing[edit]

Rank Name
1 Marina Anissina / Gwendal Peizerat
2 Isabelle Delobel / Olivier Schoenfelder
3 Alia Ouabdelsselam / Benjamin Delmas
4 Véronique Delobel / Olivier Chapuis
5 Magali Sauri / Michail Stifunin
6 Nadine Le Saoût / Emmanuel Huet

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