2000 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics

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IX Ibero-American Championships
2000 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics Logo.jpg.png
Host city Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date(s) 11 & 12 May
Main stadium Estádio Célio de Barros
Participation 297 athletes from
20 nations
Events 44
Records set 8 championship records

The 2000 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics (Spanish: IX Campeonato Iberoamericano de Atletismo) was the ninth edition of the international athletics competition between Ibero-American nations which was held at the Estádio Célio de Barros in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 11 and 12 May.[1] With a total of 308 athletes, the number of competitors was the lowest since 1990. The Spanish team (29 athletes) was much smaller than previous delegations as most of the Spaniards chose to focus on the 2000 Sydney Olympics instead.[2] Other national teams used the competition as a chance to gain an Olympic qualifying mark.[3]

The host nation Brazil easily topped the medal table by winning 18 gold medals and a total haul of 45 medals. The next best performing nation was Spain, which took six golds and 21 medals during the two-day championships.[4] Cuba and Colombia won five golds each, while Argentina and Mexico had the third and fourth largest totals, with eleven and ten medals respectively. Fourteen of the 20 nations that participated reached the medal podium.[2]

Brazil dominated the men's track events and Hudson de Souza completed an 800/1500 metres double. Cuban men provided the highlights of the men's field events, where Michael Calvo won the triple jump with a jump of 17.05 m and Emeterio González had a javelin throw over eighty metres (both championship marks). In the women's track events, reigning Olympic champion Fernanda Ribeiro broke the 5000 m championship record and Soraya Telles became the first female Ibero-American champion in the steeplechase (a contest which meant that the 44-event programme was equal between the sexes for the first time). The 10,000 m track walk saw Rosario Sánchez knock almost a minute of the meet record, while runner-up Geovana Irusta set a South American record behind her.[2]

Although the level of performances was generally lower than at earlier editions, eight championships records were set. Two national records were also beaten; Elena Guerra improved the 1500 m Uruguayan record and Érika Olivera set a new Chilean record for the 5000 metres.[2] The Brazilian men's 4×100 m relay team gave the performance of the competition with their winning time of 38.24 seconds, which was a South American record and an Ibero-American record.[4]

The host athletics stadium (centre top) seen as part of the Maracanã Sports Complex

Several athletes present at the competition went on to win medals on the Olympic stage later that year: Mexican Noé Hernández won the 20 km walk silver medal, Fernanda Ribeiro took an Olympic bronze over 10,000 m, while both the Brazilian and Cuban 4×100 m relay teams reached the Olympic podium.[5] Future world champion Naide Gomes won São Tomé and Príncipe's first ever medal with her runner-up performance in the heptathlon.

Medal summary[edit]

For full event details see 2000 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Vicente de Lima (BRA) 10.28  Luis Alberto Pérez-Rionda (CUB) 10.41  Sebastián Keitel (CHI) 10.42
200 metres  Claudinei da Silva (BRA) 20.23  André da Silva (BRA) 20.56  Sebastián Keitel (CHI) 20.77
400 metres  Sanderlei Parrela (BRA) 44.80  Anderson Jorge dos Santos (BRA) 45.59  Gustavo Aguirre (ARG) 46.69
800 metres  Hudson de Souza (BRA) 1:47.18  Marcio Wandre de Oliveira (BRA) 1:48.53  Sergio Gallardo (ESP) 1:48.85
1500 metres  Hudson de Souza (BRA) 3:42.21  Manuel Damião (POR) 3:43.06  Javier Carriqueo (ARG) 3:44.93
5000 metres  José Ramos (POR) 13:43.86  Pablo Olmedo (MEX) 13:44.44  Elenílson da Silva (BRA) 13:48.74
10,000 metres  Elenilson da Silva (BRA) 28:57.98  Marílson dos Santos (BRA) 28:58.74  Isaac García (MEX) 28:59.68
110 metres hurdles  Márcio de Souza (BRA) 13.76  Redelen dos Santos (BRA) 13.91  Jackson Quiñónez (ECU) 14.66
400 metres hurdles  Eronilde de Araújo (BRA) 49.35  Carlos Zbinden (CHI) 50.32  Anderson Costa dos Santos (BRA) 50.59
3000 m steeplechase  José Luis Blanco (ESP) 8:28.44  Salvador Miranda (MEX) 8:28.80  José María González (ESP) 8:30.96
4×100 m relay  Brazil (BRA)
Vicente de Lima
Édson Ribeiro
André da Silva
Claudinei da Silva
38.24 CR  Cuba (CUB)
José César
Luis Alberto Pérez-Rionda
Iván García
Freddy Mayola
38.97  Chile (CHI)
Juan Pablo Faúndez
Ricardo Roach
Sebastián Keitel
Rodrigo Roach
4×400 m relay  Brazil (BRA)
Anderson Jorge dos Santos
Sanderlei Parrela
Luis Antônio Eloi
Valdinei da Silva
3:03.33  Chile (CHI)
Ricardo Roach
Guillermo Meyer
Carlos Zbinden
Rodrigo Roach
3:10.86  Argentina (ARG)
Carlos Gats
Gustavo Aguirre
Iván Altamirano
Gabriel López
20,000 m track walk  Noé Hernández (MEX) 1:24:50.46  João Vieira (POR) 1:26:37.78  Ricardo Alexandre Reinert (BRA) 1:32:43.63
High jump  Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.24 m  Fabrício Romero (BRA) 2.24 m  David Antona (ESP) 2.22 m
Pole vault  Nuno Fernandes (POR) 5.20 m  Robison Pratt (MEX) 5.20 m  Edgar Díaz (PUR) 5.10 m
Long jump  Nelson Ferreira (BRA) 7.90 m  Esteban Copland (VEN) 7.81 m  Joan Lino Martínez (CUB) 7.71 m
Triple jump  Michael Calvo (CUB) 17.05 m CR  Rodrigo Mendes (BRA) 16.76 m  Antônio da Costa (BRA) 15.78 m
Shot put  Manuel Martínez Gutiérrez (ESP) 19.70 m  Yojer Medina (VEN) 18.89 m  Iker Sukia (ESP) 18.17 m
Discus throw  Frank Casañas (CUB) 59.87 m  Marcelo Pugliese (ARG) 58.14 m  Mario Pestano (ESP) 57.17 m
Hammer throw  Juan Ignacio Cerra (ARG) 74.32 m  Vítor Costa (POR) 72.36 m  José Manuel Pérez (ESP) 70.67 m
Javelin throw  Emeterio González (CUB) 80.02 m CR  Nery Kennedy (PAR) 75.60 m  Diego Moraga (CHI) 72.46 m
Decathlon  Édson Bindilatti (BRA) 7538 pts  Edemar dos Santos (BRA) 7406 pts  Enrique Aguirre (ARG) 6943 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Liliana Allen (MEX) 11.57  Rosemar Coelho (BRA) 11.67  Mirtha Brock (COL) 11.70
200 metres  Felipa Palacios (COL) 23.18  Liliana Allen (MEX) 23.66  Julia Alba (ESP) 23.93
400 metres  Norma González (COL) 53.00  Lorena de Oliveira (BRA) 53.18  Luciana Mendes (BRA) 53.18
800 metres  Luciana Mendes (BRA) 2:01.77  Mayte Martínez (ESP) 2:04.02  Sandra Moya (PUR) 2:05.61
1500 metres  Nuria Fernández (ESP) 4:18.03  Rocío Rodríguez (ESP) 4:19.78  Niusha Mancilla (BOL) 4:20.02
5000 metres  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR) 15:29.47 CR  María Abel (ESP) 15:40.18  América Mateos (MEX) 15:42.19
10,000 metres  Érika Olivera (CHI) 33:39.16  Isabel Juárez (MEX) 34:37.03  Maria Rodrigues (BRA) 34:45.99
100 metres hurdles  Yahumara Neyra (CUB) 13.17  Maíla Machado (BRA) 13.25  Isabel Abrantes (POR) 13.30
400 metres hurdles  Ana Paula Pereira (BRA) 57.59  Jupira da Graça (BRA) 58.48  Mayte Urcelay (ESP) 58.90
3000 metres steeplechase  Soraya Telles-Teixeira (BRA) 10:49.52 CR  Alcina dos Reis (BRA) 10:52.81  Verónica Páez (ARG) 11:34.67
4×100 metres relay  Colombia (COL)
Mirtha Brock
Felipa Palacios
Norma González
Princesa Oliveros
44.81  Brazil (BRA)
Lucimar de Moura
Claudete Alves Pina
Kátia de Jesus Santos
Cleide Amaral
45.16  Puerto Rico (PUR)
Jennifer Caraballo
Heysha Ortiz
Yesenia Rivera
Damaris Diana
4×400 metres relay  Colombia (COL)
Mirtha Brock
Felipa Palacios
Norma González
Janeth Lucumí
3:34.51  Puerto Rico (PUR)
Sandra Moya
Yamelis Ortiz
Beatriz Cruz
Maritza Salas
3:34.95  Brazil (BRA)
Ana Paula Pereira
Jupira da Graça
Maria Laura Almirao
Claudete Alves Pina
10,000 m track walk  Rosario Sánchez (MEX) 45:38.90 CR  Geovana Irusta (BOL) 45:59.95 AR  Teresa Linares (ESP) 46:36.86
High jump  Solange Witteveen (ARG) 1.87 m  Marta Mendía (ESP) 1.84 m  Luciane Dambacher (BRA) 1.81 m
Pole vault  Alejandra García (ARG) 4.30 m CR  Paula Fernández (ESP) 4.00 m  Elisabete Tavares (POR) 3.90 m
Long jump  Maurren Maggi (BRA) 6.70 m  Andrea Ávila (ARG) 6.41 m  Luciana dos Santos (BRA) 6.28 m
Triple jump  Carlota Castrejana (ESP) 13.61 m  Luciana dos Santos (BRA) 13.46 m  Mónica Falcioni (URU) 12.92 m
Shot put  Martina de la Puente (ESP) 17.44 m  Marianne Berndt (CHI) 15.07 m  Andréa Pereira (BRA) 14.86 m
Discus throw  Katiuscia de Jesus (BRA) 51.41 m  Neolanis Suárez (VEN) 49.49 m  Fanny García (VEN) 49.45 m
Hammer throw  Dolores Pedrares (ESP) 61.39 m CR  Karina Moya (ARG) 58.90 m  Vânia Silva (POR) 57.35 m
Javelin throw
(New javelin model)
 Xiomara Rivero (CUB) 60.43 m  Sueli dos Santos (BRA) 58.94 m  Mercedes Chilla (ESP) 55.99 m
Heptathlon  Mônica Marques (BRA) 5480 pts  Naide Gomes (STP) 5463 pts  Patrícia de Souza (BRA) 4930 pts

Medal table[edit]

Brazil's Hudson de Souza won the 800 and 1500 m titles.
Heptathlon runner-up Naide Gomes was São Tomé and Príncipe's first ever medallist.
  The host country (Brazil) is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Brazil 18 16 11 45
2  Spain 6 5 10 21
3  Cuba 5 2 1 8
4  Colombia 5 0 1 6
5  Argentina 3 3 5 11
6  Portugal 3 3 3 9
7  Mexico 3 5 2 10
8  Chile 1 3 5 9
9  Venezuela 0 3 1 4
10  Puerto Rico 0 1 3 4
11  Bolivia 0 1 1 2
12=  Paraguay 0 1 0 1
12=  São Tomé and Príncipe 0 1 0 1
14  Uruguay 0 0 1 1
Total 44 44 44 132


A total of 20 delegations were sent from the 28 member nations of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Atletismo, with 297 athletes being present at the competition. Recently joined members Angola, Cape Verde and Equatorial Guinea were all absent in 2000. Costa Rica, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic were other regular participants who did not take part in the championships.[6]


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