2000 Mumbai landslide

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2000 Mumbai landslide
India Maharashtra locator map.svg
Location of Maharashtra in India
Date July 2000
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Deaths 67
Non-fatal injuries unknown

Coordinates: 19°5′27″N 72°53′46″E / 19.09083°N 72.89611°E / 19.09083; 72.89611The 2000 Mumbai landslide was a landslide that occurred in Ghatkopar, a suburban neighborhood located in Mumbai, India on July 12, 2000. 67 people, including 27 men, 15 women, and 15 children, were killed, while over 50 more were injured. Roughly 100 residential huts were buried in mud from the disaster. 150 personnel for the firefighters were called in on a search and rescue mission.[1][2] The landslide was caused by a combination of land erosion and days of substantial rain.[3] Since the landslide, Mumbia has been determined by the Municipal Corporation Building to contain 327 areas that are in danger of landslides, including 49 in the city and 278 in the suburbs.[4]


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