2000 Sudanese general election

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2000 Sudanese general election

← 1996 13–23 December 2000 2010 →
  First party Second party
  Omar al-Bashir, 12th AU Summit, 090202-N-0506A-137.jpg No image.png
Leader Omar al-Bashir
Party National Congress Independents
Seats won 355 5

President before election

Omar al-Bashir
National Congress

Elected President

Omar al-Bashir
National Congress

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General elections were held in Sudan between 13 and 23 December 2000 to elect a President and National Assembly. The elections were boycotted by the main opposition parties including the Umma Party, the Democratic Unionist Party and the Popular National Congress,[1] which resulted in an easy victory for the incumbent President Omar al-Bashir of the National Congress in the presidential election, with the National Congress also victorious the National Assembly election, winning 355 of the 360 seats, 112 of which were uncontested.


Presidential election[edit]

Candidate Party Votes %
Omar al-Bashir National Congress 86.5
Gaafar Nimeiry Alliance of the Peoples' Working Forces 9.6
Malik Hussain 1.6
Al-Samuel Hussein Osman Mansour Liberal Democrats 1.0
Mahmoud Ahmed Juna 1.0
Total 100

National Assembly[edit]

Party Votes % Seats
National Congress 350
Independents 10 (2 of Muslim Brotherhood)
Total 360


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