2000 Summer Olympics closing ceremony

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2000 Summer Olympics
closing ceremony
Closing ceremony1.jpg
Date 19:00, 1 October 2000 (AEDST (UTC+11:00)) (2000-10-01T19:00AEDST (UTC+11:00))
Venue Stadium Australia
Location Sydney, Australia
Filmed by Seven Network and SOBO
Participants 114,714 in attendance

The 2000 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony took place on 1 October 2000 in Stadium Australia. The Closing Ceremony attracted 114,714 people, the largest attendance in modern Olympic Games history. IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch declared that the 2000 Olympic games were best Olympic Games ever.



  • ‘Countdown Fanfare’ – Composed by Richard Mills performed by Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • ‘Games 2000 Fanfare’ – Composed by David Stanhope, performed by Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • My Island Home (Earth Beat mix)’ – Written by Neil Murray, performed by Christine Anu

Entry of the Flagbearers and the Athletes[edit]

  • ‘Games 2000 Fanfare’ – Composed by David Stanhope, performed by Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • ‘Olympic Fireworks’ – Composed by David Stanhope
  • ‘Journey of Angels’ – Performed by Chong Lim
  • ‘Affirmation’ – Performed by Savage Garden

National Anthems of Greece and Australia[edit]

  • ‘The National anthem of Greece’ – Performed by The Millennium Children’s Choir of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
  • ‘The National Anthem of Australia (Advance Australia Fair’ – Music & Lyrics by Peter Dodds McCormick, performed by Sing 2001 Choir, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The Olympic Order and Cup Awarding[edit]

Michael Knight, President of the President of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Organizing Committee (SOCOG) was awarded the Gold Olympic Order as an expression of gratitude for a perfect organisation. In addition, The International Olympic Committee has decided to award the Olympic Cup to the people of Sydney for their enthusiastic and unpartisan support of athletes from all countries.

The New Member Athletes of the International Olympic Committee[edit]

The eight athlete members who were elected are:

1) Sergei Bubka (athletics, Ukraine)

2) Charmaine Crooks (athletics, Canada)

3) Robert Ctvrtlik (volleyball, United States of America)

4) Manuel Estiarte (water polo, Spain)

5) Susan O'Neill (swimming, Australia)

6) Alexander Popov (swimming, Russian Federation)

7) Jan Zelezny (athletics, Czech Republic)

8) Roland Baar (rowing, Germany).

The 'Welcome Home, Olympics: Athens 2004' Handover[edit]

Dimitris Avramopoulos, Mayor of Athens and Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, President of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Committee were entering to the stadium. After that, the priestesses of Olympia, from Greece, were entering to do a traditional rite in preparation for the Olympic flag Handover Ceremony. After the performance, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Frank Sartor comes with the Olympic flag and handed over to the Mayor of Athens, Dimitris Avramopoulos by the IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch. After the handover ceremony, the traditional rite has come to the end: The priestesses were looking around the flag, they take off the flag, put laurel branches and they carried the flag to Athens, the next olympic host city.

Olympic Flag and Hymn[edit]

  • Olympic Hymn’ – Composed by Spiros Samara, lyrics by Costas Palamas, performed by Yvonne Kenny
  • ‘Journey of Angels’ – Composed by Chong Lim

The flag bearers of the Olympic Flag was:

1) Lori Munz (swimming)

2) Melissa Rippon (water polo)

3) Anna Mcllwaine (diving)

4) Matthew Belcher (sailing)

5) Neil Dennis (rowing)

6) Stefan Szscurowski (rowing)

7) Kerrie Meares (cycling)

8) Mark Renshaw (cycling)

We'll Be One[edit]

Let's Party![edit]

Closing Night Harbour Spectacular[edit]

Olympic colours on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

'Closing Night Harbour Spectacular' Soundtrack:

  • Olympic Fireworks - David Stanhope
  • Tannhauser Overture - Richard Wagner
  • Arrivals: Movements I to V - Pee Wee Ferris
  • Symphony Of A Thousand - Gustav Mahler



Television coverage[edit]

Australia - Seven Network on Channel 7

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