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During the Parade of Nations portion of the 2000 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, athletes from each country participating in the Olympics paraded in the arena, preceded by their flag. The flag was borne by a sportsperson from that country chosen either by the National Olympic Committee or by the athletes themselves to represent their country.

Parade order[edit]

As the nation of the first modern Olympic Games, Greece entered the stadium first; whereas, the host nation of Australia marched last. Other countries entered in alphabetical order in the language of the host country (English), according with tradition and IOC guidelines.[1]

Whilst most countries entered under their short names, a few entered under more formal or alternative names, mostly due to political and naming disputes. Macedonia entered as "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'" because of the naming dispute with Greece. The Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan) entered with the compromised name and flag of "Chinese Taipei" under T so that they did not enter together with conflicting People's Republic of China (commonly known as China), which entered as the "People's Republic of China" under C. The Republic of the Congo entered as just "Congo" while the Democratic Republic of Congo entered with its full name. Iran, Micronesia, Moldova, Laos, Brunei and the United States all entered under their formal names, respectively "Islamic Republic of Iran", "Federated States of Micronesia", "Republic of Moldova", "Lao People's Democratic Republic", "Brunei Darussalam" and "United States of America".

A record of 199 nations entered the stadium with the exception of Afghanistan, a nation which was banned by IOC in 1999 because of the extremist rule of the Taliban's oppression on women and its sports.[2][3] The parade of nations also featured a unified entrance by the athletes of the North and South Korea, holding a specially designed unification flag: a white background flag with a blue map of the Korean peninsula; however, the two teams competed separately.[4] Four athletes from East Timor marched directly in the opening ceremonies as Individual Olympic Athletes before the host nation. Without the existence of the National Olympic Committee, they were allowed to compete under the Olympic flag.[5]

Notable flag bearers in the opening ceremony featured the following athletes: windsurfer Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (Greece), Olympic beach volleyball champion Sandra Pires (Brazil), tennis player Nicolás Massú (Chile), heavyweight boxing champion Félix Savón (Cuba), long-distance runner Derartu Tulu (Ethiopia), sprint kayaker and five-time gold medalist Birgit Fischer (Germany), coxless pairs rower and double gold medalist Matthew Pinsent (Great Britain), show jumper HRH Princess Haya (Jordan), discus thrower and 1992 Olympic champion Romas Ubartas (Lithuania), dressage rider Anky van Grunsven (Netherlands), middle-distance runner Vebjørn Rodal (Norway), two-time Greco-Roman wrestling champion Andrzej Wroński (Poland), five-time rowing champion Elisabeta Lipă (Romania), four-time Olympic handballer Andrey Lavrov (Russia), six-time Olympic water polo player Manuel Estiarte (Spain), and basketball players Carlton Myers (Italy) and Andrew Gaze (Australia).


The following is a list of each country's announced flag bearer. The list is sorted by the order in which each nation appears in the parade of nations. This table is sortable by country name (in English), the flag bearer's name, and the flag bearer's sport. The names are given in their official designations by the IOC.

Order Nation Flag bearer Sport
1  Greece (GRE) Nikolaos Kaklamanakis Sailing
2  Albania (ALB) Ilirjan Suli Weightlifting
3  Algeria (ALG) Djabir Saïd-Guerni Athletics
4  American Samoa (ASA) Lisa Misipeka Athletics
5  Andorra (AND) Antoni Bernadó Athletics
6  Angola (ANG) Nádia Cruz Swimming
7  Antigua and Barbuda (ANT) Heather Samuel Athletics
8  Argentina (ARG) Carlos Espínola Sailing
9  Armenia (ARM) Haykaz Galstyan Wrestling
10  Aruba (ARU) Richard Rodriguez Athletics
11  Austria (AUT) Wolfram Waibel Jr. Shooting
12  Azerbaijan (AZE) Namig Abdullayev Wrestling
13  Bahamas (BAH) Pauline Davis-Thompson Athletics
14  Bahrain (BRN) Dawood Youssef Swimming
15  Bangladesh (BAN) Sabrina Sultana Shooting
16  Barbados (BAR) Andrea Blackett Athletics
17  Belarus (BLR) Siarhei Lishtvan Wrestling
18  Belgium (BEL) Ulla Werbrouck Judo
19  Belize (BIZ) Emma Wade Athletics
20  Benin (BEN) Laure Kuetey Athletics
21  Bermuda (BER) Mary Jane Tumbridge Equestrian
22  Bhutan (BHU) Jubzhang Jubzhang Archery
23  Bolivia (BOL) Marco Condori Athletics
24  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) Elvir Krehmić Athletics
25  Botswana (BOT) Gilbert Khunwane Boxing
26  Brazil (BRA) Sandra Pires Beach volleyball
27  British Virgin Islands (IVB) Keita Cline Athletics
28  Brunei (BRU) Haseri Asli Athletics
29  Bulgaria (BUL) Ivo Yanakiev Rowing
30  Burkina Faso (BUR) Sarah Tondé Athletics
31  Burundi (BDI) Diane Nukuri Athletics
32  Cambodia (CAM) To Rithya Athletics
33  Cameroon (CMR) Cécile Ngambi Athletics (non-participant)
34  Canada (CAN) Caroline Brunet Canoeing
35  Cape Verde (CPV) Isménia do Frederico Athletics
36  Cayman Islands (CAY) Kareem Streete-Thompson Athletics
37  Central African Republic (CAF) Mickaël Conjungo Athletics
38  Chad (CHA) Gana Abba Kimet Athletics
39  Chile (CHI) Nicolás Massú Tennis
40  China (CHN) Liu Yudong Basketball
41  Colombia (COL) María Isabel Urrutia Weightlifting
42  Comoros (COM) Shareef Mohammed Official
43  Congo (CGO) Marien Michel Ngouabi Swimming
44  Cook Islands (COK) Turia Vogel Sailing
45  Costa Rica (CRC) Karina Fernández Triathlon
46  Ivory Coast (CIV) Ibrahim Meité Athletics
47  Croatia (CRO) Zoran Primorac Table tennis
48  Cuba (CUB) Félix Savón Boxing
49  Cyprus (CYP) Antonakis Andreou Shooting
50  Czech Republic (CZE) Martin Doktor Canoeing
51  Democratic Republic of the Congo (COD) Mwenze Kalombo Athletics
52  Denmark (DEN) Jesper Bank Sailing
53  Djibouti (DJI) Djama Robleh Athletics (non-participant)
54  Dominica (DMA) Marcia Daniel Athletics
55  Dominican Republic (DOM) Wanda Rijo Weightlifting
56  Ecuador (ECU) Martha Tenorio Athletics
57  Egypt (EGY) Yahia Rashwan Taekwondo
58  El Salvador (ESA) Eva Dimas Weightlifting
59  Equatorial Guinea (GEQ) Eric Moussambani Swimming
60  Eritrea (ERI) Nebiat Habtemariam Athletics
61  Estonia (EST) Tõnu Tõniste Sailing
62  Ethiopia (ETH) Derartu Tulu Athletics
63  Fiji (FIJ) Tony Philp Sailing
64  Finland (FIN) Olli-Pekka Karjalainen Athletics
65  Macedonia (MKD) Lazar Popovski Canoeing
66  France (FRA) David Douillet Judo
67  Gabon (GAB) Mélanie Engoang Judo
68  The Gambia (GAM) Adama Njie Athletics
69  Georgia (GEO) Giorgi Asanidze Weightlifting
70  Germany (GER) Birgit Fischer Canoeing
71  Ghana (GHA) Kennedy Osei Athletics
72  Great Britain (GBR) Matthew Pinsent Rowing
73  Grenada (GRN) Hazel-Ann Regis Athletics
74  Guam (GUM) Melissa Lynn Fejeran Weightlifting
75  Guatemala (GUA) Attila Solti Shooting
76  Guinea (GUI) Joseph Loua Athletics
77  Guinea-Bissau (GBS) Talata Embalo Wrestling
78  Guyana (GUY) Aliann Pompey Athletics
79  Haiti (HAI) Nadine Faustin-Parker Athletics
80  Honduras (HON) Alejandro Castellanos Swimming
81  Hong Kong (HKG) Fenella Ng Rowing
82  Hungary (HUN) Rita Kőbán Canoeing
83  Iceland (ISL) Guðrún Arnardóttir Athletics
84  India (IND) Leander Paes Tennis
85  Indonesia (INA) Rexy Mainaky Badminton
86  Iran (IRI) Amir Reza Khadem Wrestling
87  Iraq (IRQ) Bashar Mohammad Ali Chef de mission
88  Ireland (IRL) Sonia O'Sullivan Athletics
89  Israel (ISR) Rogel Nachum Athletics
90  Italy (ITA) Carlton Myers Basketball
91  Jamaica (JAM) Deon Hemmings Athletics
92  Japan (JPN) Kosei Inoue Judo
93  Jordan (JOR) HRH Princess Haya Equestrian
94  Kazakhstan (KAZ) Yermakhan Ibraimov Boxing
95  Kenya (KEN) Kennedy Ochieng Athletics
96  Korea (COR) Pak Jung-chul
Chung Eun-soon
97  Kuwait (KUW) Fawzi Al-Shammari Athletics
98  Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) Raatbek Sanatbayev Wrestling
99  Laos (LAO) Sisomphone Vongpharkdy Athletics
100  Latvia (LAT) Voldemārs Lūsis Athletics
101  Lebanon (LIB) Jean-Claude Rabbath Athletics
102  Lesotho (LES) Mokete Mokhosi Taekwondo
103  Liberia (LBR) Kouty Mawenh Athletics
104  Libya (LBA) Nizar Naeeli Taekwondo
105  Liechtenstein (LIE) Oliver Geissmann Shooting
106  Lithuania (LTU) Romas Ubartas Athletics
107  Luxembourg (LUX) Lara Heinz Swimming
108  Madagascar (MAD) Joseph-Berlioz Randriamihaja Athletics
109  Malawi (MAW) Francis Munthali Athletics
110  Malaysia (MAS) Mirnawan Nawawi Field hockey
111  Maldives (MDV) Naseer Ismail Athletics
112  Mali (MLI) Brahima Guindo Judo
113  Malta (MLT) Laurie Pace Judo
114  Mauritania (MTN) Sidi Mohamed Ould Bidjel Athletics
115  Mauritius (MRI) Michael Macaque Boxing
116  Mexico (MEX) Fernando Platas Diving
117  Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Manuel Minginfel Weightlifting
118  Moldova (MDA) Vadim Vacarciuc Weightlifting
119  Monaco (MON) Thierry Vatrican Judo
120  Mongolia (MGL) Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene Judo
121  Morocco (MAR) Adil Belgaid Judo
122  Mozambique (MOZ) Jorge Duvane Athletics
123  Myanmar (MYA) Maung Maung Nge Athletics
124  Namibia (NAM) Paulus Ali Nuumbembe Boxing
125  Nauru (NRU) Marcus Stephen Weightlifting
126  Nepal (NEP) Chitra Bahadur Gurung Swimming
127  Netherlands (NED) Anky van Grunsven Equestrian
128  Netherlands Antilles (AHO) Cor van Aanholt Sailing
129  New Zealand (NZL) Blyth Tait Equestrian
130  Nicaragua (NCA) Walter Martínez Shooting
131  Niger (NIG) Mamane Sani Ali Athletics
132  Nigeria (NGR) Sunday Bada Athletics
133  Norway (NOR) Vebjørn Rodal Athletics
134  Oman (OMA) Mohamed Amer Al-Malky Athletics
135  Pakistan (PAK) Ahmed Alam Field hockey
136  Palau (PLW) Valerie Pedro Weightlifting
137  Palestine (PLE) Ramy Deeb Athletics
138  Panama (PAN) Eileen Coparropa Swimming
139  Papua New Guinea (PNG) Xenia Peni Swimming
140  Paraguay (PAR) Nery Kennedy Athletics
141  Peru (PER) Rosa García Volleyball
142  Philippines (PHI) Donald Geisler Taekwondo
143  Poland (POL) Andrzej Wroński Wrestling
144  Portugal (POR) Miguel Maia Beach volleyball
145  Puerto Rico (PUR) Enrique Figueroa Sailing
146  Qatar (QAT) Ibrahim Ismail Muftah Athletics
147  Romania (ROM) Elisabeta Lipă Rowing
148  Russia (RUS) Andrey Lavrov Handball
149  Rwanda (RWA) Pierre Karemera Official
150  Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN) Kim Collins Athletics
151  Saint Lucia (LCA) Dominic Johnson Athletics
152  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN) Pamenos Ballantyne Athletics
153  Samoa (SAM) Pauga Lalau Boxing
154  San Marino (SMR) Emanuela Felici Shooting
155  São Tomé and Príncipe (STP) Naide Gomes Athletics
156  Saudi Arabia (KSA) Khaled Al-Dosari Taekwondo
157  Senegal (SEN) Mame Tacko Diouf Athletics
158  Seychelles (SEY) Benjamin Lo-Pinto Swimming
159  Sierra Leone (SLE) Ekundayo Williams Athletics
160  Singapore (SIN) Joscelin Yeo Swimming
161  Slovakia (SVK) Slavomír Kňazovický Canoeing
162  Slovenia (SLO) Iztok Čop Rowing
163  Solomon Islands (SOL) Primo Higa Athletics
164  Somalia (SOM) Ibrahim Mohamed Aden Athletics
165  South Africa (RSA) Hezekiél Sepeng Athletics
166  Spain (ESP) Manuel Estiarte Water polo
167  Sri Lanka (SRI) Damayanthi Dharsha Athletics
168  Sudan (SUD) Mahmoud Kieno Chef de mission
169  Suriname (SUR) Letitia Vriesde Athletics
170  Swaziland (SWZ) Musa Simelane Boxing
171  Sweden (SWE) Anna Olsson Canoeing
172  Switzerland (SUI) Thomas Frischknecht Cycling
173  Syria (SYR) Moutassem Ghotouq Chef de mission
174  Chinese Taipei (TPE) Chiang Peng-lung Table tennis
175  Tajikistan (TJK) Khurshed Kasanov Boxing
176  Tanzania (TAN) Restituta Joseph Athletics
177  Thailand (THA) Somluck Kamsing Boxing
178  Togo (TOG) Kouami Sacha Denanyoh Judo
179  Tonga (TGA) Ana Siulolo Liku Athletics
180  Trinidad and Tobago (TRI) Ato Boldon Athletics
181  Tunisia (TUN) Omrane Ayari Wrestling
182  Turkey (TUR) Hamza Yerlikaya Wrestling
183  Turkmenistan (TKM) Chary Mamedov Athletics
184  Uganda (UGA) Muhamed Kizito Boxing
185  Ukraine (UKR) Yevhen Braslavets Sailing
186  United Arab Emirates (UAE) Saeed Al-Maktoum Shooting
187  United States (USA) Cliff Meidl Canoeing
188  Uruguay (URU) Mónica Falcioni Athletics
189  Uzbekistan (UZB) Mahammatkodir Abdullaev Boxing
190  Vanuatu (VAN) Mary-Estelle Kapalu Athletics
191  Venezuela (VEN) Adriana Carmona Taekwondo
192  Vietnam (VIE) Trương Ngọc Để Chef de mission
193  Virgin Islands (ISV) Ameerah Bello Athletics
194  Yemen (YEM) Basheer Al-Khewani Athletics
195  Yugoslavia (YUG) Vladimir Grbić Volleyball
196  Zambia (ZAM) Samuel Matete Athletics
197  Zimbabwe (ZIM) Philip Mukomana Athletics
198  Independent Olympic Athletes (IOA) Victor Ramos Boxing
199  Australia (AUS) Andrew Gaze Basketball


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