2000 United States House of Representatives elections in Hawaii

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The 2000 House elections in Hawaii occurred on November 7, 2000 to elect the members of the State of Hawaii's delegation to the United States House of Representatives. Hawaii had two seats in the House, apportioned according to the 2000 United States Census.

These elections were held concurrently with the United States Senate elections of 2000, the United States House elections in other states, and various state and local elections.


United States House of Representatives elections in Hawaii, 2000[1]
Party Votes Percentage Seats +/–
Democratic 221,373 65.03% 2
Republican 110,895 32.58% 0
Libertarian 8,156 2.40% 0
Totals 340,424 100.00% 2


Hawaii's congressional districts for the 2000 elections
District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Hawaii 1 Neil Abercrombie Democratic 1990 Re-elected Neil Abercrombie (D) 69.03%
Phil Meyers (R) 28.62%
Jerry Murphy (L) 2.35%
Hawaii 2 Patsy Mink Democratic 1964, 1990 Re-elected Patsy Mink (D) 61.59%
Russ Francis (R) 35.97%
Lawrence G. K. Duquesne (L) 2.44%