2000 WNBA draft

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2000 WNBA draft
General information
Date(s) April 25, 2000
First selection Ann Wauters
WNBA draft

2000 WNBA draft – 25 April 2000

  • On December 15, 1999, a WNBA expansion draft took place.
  • On April 25, 2000 the regular WNBA draft took place.

Expansion draft[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Gordana Grubin (G) Federal Republic of Yugoslavia FR Yugoslavia Indiana Fever (from Los Angeles Sparks) FR Yugoslavia
2 Edna Campbell (G)  United States Seattle Storm (from Phoenix Mercury) Texas
3 Kate Starbird (G)  United States Miami Sol (from Sacramento Monarchs) Stanford
4 Alisa Burras (F)  United States Portland Fire (from Cleveland Rockers) Louisiana Tech
5 Sonja Henning (G)  United States Portland Fire (from Houston Comets) Stanford
6 Sandy Brondello (G)  Australia Miami Sol (from Detroit Shock) Australia
7 Sophia Witherspoon (G)  United States Seattle Storm (from New York Liberty) Florida
8 Stephanie McCarthy (G)  United States Indiana Fever (from Charlotte Sting) Purdue
9 Nyree Roberts (C)  United States Indiana Fever (from Washington Mystics) Old Dominion
10 Angela Aycock (F)  United States Seattle Storm (from Minnesota Lynx) Kansas
11 Debbie Black (G)  United States Miami Sol (from Utah Starzz) St. Joseph's
12 Tari Phillips (C)  United States Portland Fire (from Orlando Miracle) Central Florida
13 Ciquese Washington (G)  United States Portland Fire (from New York Liberty) Notre Dame
14 Sharon Manning (F)  United States Miami Sol (from Charlotte Sting) North Carolina State
15 Nina Bjedov (C) Federal Republic of Yugoslavia FR Yugoslavia Seattle Storm (from Los Angeles Sparks) FR Yugoslavia
16 Rita Williams (G)  United States Indiana Fever (from Washington Mystics) Connecticut
17 Kara Wolters (C)  United States Indiana Fever (from Houston Comets) Connecticut
18 Toni Foster (F)  United States Seattle Storm (from Phoenix Mercury) Iowa
19 Lesley Brown (F)  United States Miami Sol (from Detroit Shock) Virginia
20 Molly Goodenbour (G)  United States Portland Fire (from Sacramento Monarchs) Stanford
21 Jamila Wideman (G)  United States Portland Fire (from Cleveland Rockers) Stanford
22 Yolando Moore (F)  United States Miami Sol (from Orlando Miracle) Mississippi
23 Charmin Smith (G)  United States Seattle Storm (from Minnesota Lynx) Stanford
24 Chantel Tremitiere (G)  United States Indiana Fever (from Utah Starzz) Auburn

College draft[edit]

Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game

Round 1[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Ann Wauters (C)  Belgium Cleveland Rockers BC Volgaburmash
2 Tausha Mills (C)  United States Washington Mystics Alabama (from Chicago Condors, ABL)
3 Edwina Brown (G)  United States Detroit Shock Texas
4 Cintia Dos Santos (F/C)  Brazil Orlando Miracle Brazil
5 Grace Daley (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx Tulane
6 Betty Lennox (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx Louisiana Tech
7 Lynn Pride (G/F)  United States Portland Fire Kansas
8 Tamicha Jackson (G)  United States Detroit Shock Louisiana Tech
9 Kamila Vodichkova (F/C)  Czech Republic Seattle Storm BK Gambrinus
10 Maylana Martin (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx UCLA
11 Summer Erb (C)  United States Charlotte Sting North Carolina State
12 Naomi Mulitauaopele (C)  United States Utah Starzz Stanford
13 Olga Firsova (C)  Ukraine New York Liberty Kansas State
14 Katy Steding (F)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Stanford (from Portland Power, ABL)
15 Nicole Kubik (G)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Nebraska
16 Elena Shakirova (F/C)  Russia Houston Comets Russia

Round 2[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
17 Helen Darling (G)  United States Cleveland Rockers Penn State
18 Tonya Washington (G/F)  United States Washington Mystics Florida
19 Jameka Jones (G)  United States Miami Sol UNC-Charlotte
20 Jannon Roland (F)  United States Orlando Miracle Purdue (from New England Blizzard, ABL)
21 Adrian Williams (F/C)  United States Phoenix Mercury Southern California
22 Marla Brumfield (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx Rice
23 Stacey Thomas (F)  United States Portland Fire Michigan
24 Keitha Dickerson (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Texas Tech
25 Charisse Sampson (G)  United States Seattle Storm Kansas (from New England Blizzard, ABL)
26 Jurgita Streimikyte (F)  Lithuania Indiana Fever Pool Comense
27 Tiffany Travis (G/F)  United States Charlotte Sting Florida
28 Madinah Slaise (G)  United States Detroit Shock Cincinnati
29 Desiree Francis (F)  United States New York Liberty Iowa State
30 Stacy Clinesmith (G)  United States Sacramento Monarchs UC-Santa Barbara
31 Paige Sauer (C)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Connecticut
32 Andrea Garner (C)  United States Houston Comets Penn State

Round 3[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
33 Monique Morehouse (C)  United States Cleveland Rockers Auburn (from New England Blizzard, ABL)
34 Jill Morton (G)  United States Charlotte Sting Louisville
35 Stacy Frese (G)  United States Utah Starzz Iowa State
36 Shawnetta Stewart (G)  United States Orlando Miracle Rutgers
37 Tauja Catchings (F)  United States Phoenix Mercury Illinois
38 Phylesha Whaley (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Oklahoma
39 Maxann Reese (G)  United States Portland Fire Michigan State
40 Milena Flores (G)  United States Miami Sol Stanford
41 Kirra Jordan (F)  United States Seattle Storm Rice
42 Usha Gilmore (G/F)  United States Indiana Fever Rutgers
43 Peppi Browne (G/F)  United States Charlotte Sting Duke
44 Chavonne Hammond (G/F)  United States Detroit Shock Vanderbilt
45 Jessica Bibby (G)  Australia New York Liberty Dandenong Rangers (WNBL)
46 Rhonda Y Smith (C)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Washington
47 Marte Alexander (C)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Arizona
48 Latavia Coleman (F)  United States Houston Comets Florida State

Round 4[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
49 Sophie Von Saldern (F/C)  Germany Cleveland Rockers California
50 Latina Davis (G)  United States Indiana Fever Tennessee
51 Kristen Rasmussen (F)  United States Utah Starzz Michigan State
52 Romana Hamzová (G)  Czech Republic Orlando Miracle Czech Republic
53 Shantia Owens (C)  United States Phoenix Mercury Kentucky
54 Jana Lichnerová (C)  Slovakia Minnesota Lynx St. Joseph's
55 Rhonda L Smith (C)  United States Portland Fire Long Beach State
56 Shanele Stires (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Kansas State (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
57 Katrina Hibbert (G)  Australia Seattle Storm LSU
58 Renee Robinson (G)  United States Indiana Fever Virginia
59 Shaka Massey (C)  United States Charlotte Sting Louisiana Tech
60 Cal Bouchard (G)  Canada Detroit Shock Boston College
61 Natalie Porter (F)  Australia New York Liberty Australia
62 Jessica Zinobile (F)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Saint Francis University
63 Nicky McCrimmon (G)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Southern California
64 Abbie Willenborg (F)  United States Houston Comets Marquette