2000 World Open Water Swimming Championships – Women's 25 km

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2000 FINA
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The Women's 25 km Open Water event at the 2000 World Open Water Swimming Championships was held on November 4, 2000 in Honolulu.

Edith van Dijk captured her second gold medal of the week at the FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships with a decisive victory in the 25K event. The Europeans continued their domination of this week's events in Honolulu by also winning the silver and bronze medals, Viola Valli from Italy and Angela Maurer from Germany.

For more than four hours a pack of ten swimmers were within four body lengths of each other, often swimming in single file. The three Europeans were together for almost every minute of the five and one half hour race. Van Dijk said "the swim to Diamond Head was the most difficult part of the race taking into account the wind, current and the waves." Asked about her strategy van Dijk said, "I tried to get away from the others a couple of times but I could not succeed, I was unable to get a gap between me and the others, but I was pleased to finish first at the end today."

Viola Valli arrived to a cheering crowd of well wishers on the shores of Waikiki Beach. Her fan club included many teammates, friends and family who crowded around her when she sat down on the beach to rest after second medal of the week, having earned bronze in the 5K. Painted on her leg was her name and her well-wishers told onlookers that Viola means flower in Italian. "We made it a success for each of us today because we made it together." Angela Maurer recovered with a bronze medal performance in the 25K. She finished third in the 10K event but was disqualified for missing a channel marker.

Sid Cassidy from the USA, assistant referee and member of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee said about the weeks events, "The races got better as it went on. Without any question this was the greatest marathon field ever assembled." Cassidy added, "It was thrilling to see this level of performance from these outstanding athletes; it is a great step for our sport."


Rank Swimmer Nationality Time Points
1st, gold medalist(s) Edith van Dijk  Netherlands 5:30:04.07 18
2nd, silver medalist(s) Viola Valli  Italy 5:30:06.06 16
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Angela Maurer  Germany 5:30:08.06 14
4 Natalya Pankina  Russia 5:31:25.25 12
5 Valeria Casprini  Italy 5:32:01.82 10
6 Regan Scheiber  USA 5:32:11.15 8
7 Britta Kamrau  Germany 5:33:13.91 6
8 Olga Guseva  Russia 5:33:53.62 5
9 Audry Boitte  France 5:38:42.88 4
10 Briley Bergen  USA 5:52:01.82 3
11 Shelley Clark  Australia 5:58:36.06 2
12 Melissa Irwin  Australia 6:07:28.28 1
13 Celeste Punet  Argentina 6:06:52.15
14 Eszter Balázs  Hungary 6:07:55.28
15 Maxime Mentha  Canada 6:19:51.00
15 Nadia Bolduc  Canada 6:39:28.50
-- Pilar Geijo  Argentina DNS
-- Etta van der Weijden  Netherlands DNF

Key: DNS - Did not start, DNF - Did not finish

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