2000 World Open Water Swimming Championships – Women's 5 km

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2000 FINA
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The Women's 5K race at the 2000 World Open Water Swimming Championships was held on October 31, 2000 in the waters off Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Peggy Büchse from Germany outlasted the others and captured her first world championship title. "In Germany I am a famous person and there is some pressure on me but I am glad that I could swim to their expectations" said Büchse immediately after the race. "I was surprised that I won. "I am used to lake swimming," she continued. "The ocean is very different with the waves and the current which were quite strong. I am thankful for the support of my friends and my family.

USA's Kalyn Keller finished second and immediately sent notice to her brother, Klete, that he would have to share some of the limelight. "He has his medal and now I have mine, but I still have many races to go before I can catch up with him." Her older brother won the bronze medal in the 400m Freestyle during the Sydney Olympic Games.

Twenty-eight-year-old Viola Valli from Italy, who finished third, trains with Club San Milano.


Rank Swimmer Nationality Time Points
1st, gold medalist(s) Peggy Büchse  Germany 1:02:36.29 18
2nd, silver medalist(s) Kalyn Keller  USA 1:02:40.42 16
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Viola Valli  Italy 1:02:41.18 14
4 Edith van Dijk  Netherlands 1:02:43.00 12
5 Valeria Casprini  Italy 1:02:43.27 10
6 Britta Kamrau  Germany 1:02:45.13 8
7 Irina Abysova  Russia 1:02:46.96 6
8 Annie Stein  USA 1:02:47.34 5
9 Olga Guseva  Russia 1:02:49.24 4
10 Brooke Townsend  Australia 1:02:49.68 3
11 Hayley Lewis  Australia 1:03:15.70 2
12 Karley Stutzel  Canada 1:04:30.51 1
13 Etta van der Weijden  Netherlands 1:04:34.73
14 Jana Pechanová  Czech Republic 1:04:35.07
15 Audry Boitte  France 1:04:37.02
16 Paula Wood  Great Britain 1:04:38.63
17 Marieke Theunissen  South Africa 1:04:50.94
18 Viviane Motti  Brazil 1:04:51.27
19 Cindy Persoons  Belgium 1:04:55.00
20 Celeste Punet  Argentina 1:05:03.87
21 Jenny Fuentes  Venezuela 1:07:11.20
22 Pilar Geijo  Argentina 1:07:21.54
23 Jennifer Coombs  Canada 1:07:38.33
24 Kaitlyn Elphinstone  Cayman Islands 1:08:02.30

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