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Years in rail transport

This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 2000.


January events[edit]

February events[edit]

March events[edit]

April events[edit]

May events[edit]

June events[edit]

  • June 7 – The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, originally built for rail traffic in 1943, opens for combined rail/highway traffic, making it the longest combined rail/highway tunnel in North America.

July events[edit]

October events[edit]

November events[edit]

December events[edit]

Unknown date events[edit]



Industry awards[edit]


Awards presented by Japan Railfan Club

North America[edit]

2000 E. H. Harriman Awards
Group Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
A Norfolk Southern Railway    
B Kansas City Southern Railway    
C Gateway Western Railway    
S&T   Belt Railway of Chicago  
Awards presented by Railway Age magazine

United Kingdom[edit]

Train Operator of the Year
  • 2000:


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