2001 AIHL season

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2001 AIHL season
League Australian Ice Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Regular season
Champions Adelaide Avalanche
Top scorer Paul Lawson
Champions Adelaide Avalanche
  Runners-up Sydney Bears
AIHL seasons
← 2000
2002 →

The 2001 AIHL season is the second season of the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL). The Adelaide Avalanche finished first after the regular season and also won the championship final, defeating the Sydney Bears 10–7. Paul Lawson of the Adelaide Avalanche top scored for the regular season with 38 points.

Regular season[edit]

The regular season featured the three teams in the league playing 16 games each.[1] At the end of the season Adelaide Avalanche finished on top of the regular season standings with 31 points and the Sydney Bears finishing second with 15 points.[1] Both teams advanced to the championship final to compete in a single game playoff. Paul Lawson of the Adelaide Avalanche was the league's top scorer, scoring 16 goals and 22 assists for a total of 38 points.[1]

Adelaide Avalanche 16 15 1 0 120 60 +60 31
Sydney Bears 16 7 1 8 70 74 –4 15
Canberra Knights 16 1 0 15 53 109 –56 2


Following the regular season the Avalanche and the Bears competed in the single game final. Adelaide won the game 10–7.[1]

Adelaide Avalanche10 – 7Sydney Bears


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