2001 Albuquerque mayoral election

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Albuquerque mayoral election, 2001

← 1997 October 2, 2001 2005 →
  MartinChavez (cropped).jpg No image.svg No image.svg
Candidate Martin Chávez Bob Schwartz Mike McEntee
Party Democratic Republican Republican
Popular vote 30,384 27,601 11,176
Percentage 30% 27% 11%

  No image.svg
Candidate Jim Baca
Party Democratic
Popular vote 10,998
Percentage 11%

Mayor before election

Jim Baca

Elected Mayor

Martin Chávez

The Albuquerque mayoral election of 2001 was held on October 2, 2001 to elect the Mayor of Albuquerque.[1]

Former Mayor Martin Chavez did not run for re-election in 1997, and instead was the Democratic nominee for Governor of New Mexico. He lost to Gary Johnson, and announced his plans to run against incumbent mayor Jim Baca. Former District attorney and District court judge Bob Schwartz lost the election to Chavez by a mere 2,783 votes.


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