2001 Major League Lacrosse season

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The 2001 Major League Lacrosse season was the first season of the league. The season began on June 7 and concluded with the championship game on 3 September 2001.

General information[edit]

The league premiers with 6 teams Baltimore Bayhawks, Boston Cannons, Bridgeport Barrage, Long Island Lizards, New Jersey Pride and Rochester Rattlers. Each team played a 14 game schedule that ended with a championship game on September 3, 2001.

Major League Lacrosse played its first regular-season game on June 7 as Baltimore defeated Long Island by a 16-13 score at Homewood Field in Baltimore. Baltimore's Chris Turner scored the first goal in MLL regular season history.

Regular season[edit]

W = Wins, L = Losses, , PCT= Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against

Qualified for playoffs
American Division
Long Island Lizards 10 4 .714 216 196
Boston Cannons 3 11 .214 183 221
Bridgeport Barrage 3 11 .214 190 216
National Division
Baltimore Bayhawks 10 4 .714 195 172
Rochester Rattlers 8 6 .571 185 159
New Jersey Pride 8 6 .571 197 199

Boston beat Bridgeport in 3 of 4 regular season games, Rochester beat New Jersey in 3 of 4 regular season games.

LacrosseStar Game (All Star Game)[edit]

August 2, 2001


The playoff format was set up that the top two team regardless of record from each division would qualify for the playoffs. The 1st place team from one division would play the 2nd place team from the other division. This resulted in Boston with a 3-11 record making the playoffs over New Jersey who had an 8-6 record. The format was changed the following season, so the two division winners and the two best non division winning records made the playoffs.

Semi finals September 1, 2001

Championship September 3, 2001


Semifinal Steinfeld Cup Final
1 Long Island 13
2 Rochester 12
1 Long Island 15
3 Baltimore 11
3 Baltimore 12
4 Boston 11


Award Winner Team
MVP Award Ryan Powell Rochester
Rookie of the Year Award Keith Cromwell Bridgeport
Coach of the Year Award John DeTommaso Long Island
Defensive player of the Year Award Rob Doerr Baltimore
Offensive player of the Year Award John Grant, Jr. Rochester
Goaltender of the Year Award Greg Cattrano Baltimore
Iron Lizard Award Joe Ghedina Long Island

Weekly Awards[edit]

The MLL gave out awards weekly for the best offensive player and best defensive player.

Week Offensive Defensive
1 Jesse Hubbard Rob Doerr
2 Casey Powell Jim Mule
3 Ryan Powell Brian Dougherty
4 D'Arcy Sweet
Terry Riordan
Steve Koudelka
5 D'Arcy Sweet Greg Cattrano
6 Mark Millon Greg Cattrano
7 Jay Jalbert John Gagliardi
8 John Grant, Jr. Brian Dougherty
9 David Curry Bill Daye
10 John Grant, Jr. Regy Thorpe
11 John Grant, Jr. Rob Doerr
12 Greg Traynor Sal LoCascio
13 Paul Gait Pat McCabe

Statistics Leaders[edit]

Stat Player Team Number
Goals Jesse Hubbard New Jersey 44
Two-Point Goals David Evans Boston 6
Assists Jon Hess New Jersey 39
Points Ryan Powell Rochester 63
Face-off Pct Andy Towers Boston .580
Save Pct Greg Cattrano Baltimore .583
GAA Brian Dougherty Rochester 11.7