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2001 V8 Supercar
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The 2001 Shell Championship Series was a motor racing competition for V8 Supercars. The championship, which was the third Shell Championship Series, began on 25 March 2001 at Phillip Island and ended on 2 December at Sandown after 13 rounds. The same events also determined the winner of the 2001 Australian Touring Car Championship as awarded by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.[1]

2001 season[edit]

Driver changes[edit]

Team changes[edit]


Ford will continue with the AU Falcon that the majority of Ford teams run. Holden have released a new VX Commodore after the VT Commodore. Some Holden teams still run the VT and some own the old VS Commodore.

Race formats[edit]

  • 2 45 minute races (around 100 km) will replace the 3 20 minute sprint races. There will also be a compulsory pit stop that has to be taken within a certain time of the race
  • There will be a Top 10 or Top 15 Shootout for all rounds during the season that will alternate from round to round. This involves a single lap around the circuit for the Top 10/15 qualifiers in qualifying. The winner of the shootout wins 18 bonus points
  • 2 events will involve the 3 20 minute sprint races. This will happen at Round 6 and 7 at Barbagello Raceway and Calder Park Raceway. There will be no compulsory pit stops
  • At 3 events, there will be 3 races over the weekend, this will happen at Hidden Valley, Pukekoke Park Raceway and Sandown

Special events[edit]

Round 2-Clipsal 500 at Adelaide. This involves 2 250 km races over 78 laps of the Adelaide Street circuit. The winner of the event is the driver who wins the second race and not the driver who collects the most points. The second race involves double points over the first race. There are 2 compulsory pit stops in each race, 1 stop for tyres and 1 stop for fuel.

Round 5-GMC 400 at Canberra. This involves 2 100 km races and 1 200 km race over 25 and 50 laps of the Canberra Street Circuit. The winner of the event is the driver who collects the most points over the weekend. The 2nd race of the weekend will involve a reverse grid of the entire field. The 3rd race grid will be a culmination of the points of race 1 and race 2 put together. In the first 2 races there will be only 1 compulsory stop for tyres. In the 3rd race, there will be 1 stop for tyres and 1 stop for fuel.

Round 9-VIP Petfoods Queensland 500 at Queensland Raceway. This is the first of the double driver endurance events. This race is held over 161 laps over 500 km. The race will involve driver changes and fuel and tyre stops will have to happen at the same time.

Round 11-V8 Supercar 1000 at Bathurst. Known as "The Great Race", Bathurst is the event that all the drivers want to win. It is again a double driver event and will involve driver changes at pit stops. The race is held over 161 laps over 1000 km. This season is the first time that the event isn't the last round of the championship.

Television coverage[edit]

Channel 10 broadcast the coverage for the 5th year since 1997 when they took over from Channel 7. Neil Crompton hosted the coverage for regular rounds with Barry Sheene. Bill Woods hosted the coverage at special events while Leigh Diffey hosted the coverage at the last 2 rounds. Matthew White hosted the coverage at Winton for the only time in the 2001 season. Neil Crompton, Barry Sheene and Mark Oastler commentated for most of the season with Leigh Diffey coming in from Queensland 500 onwards. Greg Rust and Grant Denyer were the pit lane reporters after Greg was commentator for the 2000 championship.

Teams and drivers[edit]

The following drivers and teams competed in the 2001 Shell Championship Series. The series consisted of 11 rounds of single driver racing and two rounds (the Queensland 500 and the Bathurst 1000) of endurance racing with each car driven by two drivers.

Team Make No Drivers Endurance Event Drivers
Holden Racing Team Holden VX Commodore 1 Australia Mark Skaife Australia Tony Longhurst
Australia Tomas Mezera
2 Australia Jason Bright
255 Australia Rick Kelly
Lansvale Racing Team Holden VX Commodore 3 Australia Cameron McConville Australia Rick Bates
Holden VS Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
23 Australia Steve Reed
Australia Trevor Ashby
Stone Brothers Racing Ford AU Falcon 4 Australia Marcos Ambrose Australia Greg Crick*
Australia Wayne Wakefield**
9 Australia David Besnard Australia Matthew White
Glenn Seton Racing Ford AU Falcon 5 Australia Glenn Seton Australia Dean Canto
New Zealand Jim Richards
6 New Zealand Steven Richards
Gibson Motorsport Ford AU Falcon 7 Australia Rodney Forbes Australia David Parsons
00 Australia Craig Lowndes Australia Neil Crompton
Perkins Engineering Holden VX Commodore 8 Australia Russell Ingall Australia Luke Youlden
Australia Adam Macrow
11 Australia Larry Perkins
Larkham Motor Sport Ford AU Falcon 10 Australia Mark Larkham Australia Wayne Gardner
Imrie Motor Sport Holden VX Commodore 14 Australia Greg Ritter
Australia Tomas Mezera
Australia Christian D'Agostin
Australia Tony Ricciardello
Australia James Brock
Australia Steve Owen
K-mart Racing Team Holden VX Commodore 15 Australia Todd Kelly Australia Rick Kelly
Australia Nathan Pretty
51 New Zealand Greg Murphy
McDougall Motorsport Holden VT Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
16 Australia Dugal McDougall Australia Andrew Miedecke
Dick Johnson Racing Ford AU Falcon 17 Australia Steven Johnson Australia Greg Ritter
Australia Paul Stokell*
Australia Cameron McLean**
18 New Zealand Paul Radisich
Eastern Creek Kart Racing Ford EL Falcon 20 Australia Gary Holt Australia Kevin Mundy
Brad Jones Racing Ford AU Falcon 21 Australia Brad Jones United Kingdom John Cleland
Team Kiwi Racing Holden VT Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
021 New Zealand Jason Richards
777 New Zealand Angus Fogg
Romano Racing Holden VT Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
24 Australia Paul Romano Australia Owen Kelly
Terry Wyhoon Racing Ford AU Falcon 25 Australia Terry Wyhoon
Australia Rod Salmon
Paul Morris Motorsport Holden VT Commodore 29 Australia Paul Morris New Zealand Ashley Stitchbury**
Holden VX Commodore 67 United Kingdom Matt Neal
Australia Paul Morris
Steven Ellery Racing Ford AU Falcon 31 Australia Steven Ellery Australia Geoff Brabham
Tomas Mezera Motorsport Holden VT Commodore 32 Australia Tomas Mezera
Garry Rogers Motorsport Holden VX Commodore 34 Australia Garth Tander Australia Paul Dumbrell
Australia Leanne Ferrier
35 Australia Jason Bargwanna
Scotty Taylor Racing Holden VS Commodore 37 Australia Bill Attard
Australia Roger Hurd
Paragon Motorsport Ford AU Falcon 40 Australia Cameron McLean Australia Neal Bates*
Paul Weel Racing Ford AU Falcon 43 Australia Paul Weel Australia Tim Leahey
RPM International Racing Ford AU Falcon 45 Australia Dean Canto Australia Phillip Scifleet
Australia Aaron McGill*
Australia Christian D'Agostin**
John Faulkner Racing Holden VT Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
46 New Zealand John Faulkner New Zealand Craig Baird*
Australia Peter Doulman**
Melbournes Cheapest Cars Holden VT Commodore 48 Australia Eddie Abelnica
Clive Wiseman Racing Holden VT Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
50 Australia Tyler Mecklem
Australia Michael Donaher
Australia Layton Crambrook
M3 Motorsport Holden VT Commodore 52 Australia Peter Doulman
Rod Nash Racing Holden VT Commodore
Holden VX Commodore
54 Australia Tony Longhurst Australia Rod Nash
Australia Tony Ricciardello
Sieders Racing Team Ford EL Falcon 56 Australia Luke Sieders
Halliday Motor Sport Ford AU Falcon 61 Australia Ross Halliday Australia Greg Crick**
Paul Little Racing Ford AU Falcon 75 Australia Anthony Tratt Australia Alan Jones
Matthew White Racing Holden VS Commodore 76 Australia Matthew White
V8 Racing Holden VS Commodore 77 Australia Steve Williams
Miller Racing Holden VS Commodore 84 Australia Daniel Miller
Harris Racing Ford AU Falcon 88 Australia Craig Harris Australia Dale Brede*
Australia Michael Simpson**
Ric Shaw Motorsport Holden VS Commodore 90 Australia Ric Shaw
Australia Mike Conway
GM Motorsport Holden VS Commodore 111 Australia Phonsy Mullan
Power Racing Ford AU Falcon 500 Australia Alan Heath Australia Dale Brede**
Briggs Motor Sport Ford AU Falcon 600 Australia John Bowe
New Zealand Simon Wills
Prancing Horse Racing Ford AU Falcon 888 Australia Mark Noske**
New Zealand Craig Baird**

* = Drove in Queensland 500 only

** = Drove in Bathurst 1000 only

Season review[edit]

Race Calendar[edit]

The 2001 Shell Championship Series consisted of 13 rounds which included 7 pit-stop rounds of two or three races, two sprint races, two 2-driver races and 2 1-driver endurance races.

Rd. Race Title
City / State Date Winner Team Report
1 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Phillip Island, Victoria 24 - 25 Mar Australia Mark Skaife Holden Racing Team report
2 Clipsal 500,
Adelaide Street Circuit
Adelaide, South Australia 6 - 8 Apr Australia Jason Bright Holden Racing Team report
3 Eastern Creek Raceway Sydney, New South Wales 28 - 29 Apr Australia Mark Skaife Holden Racing Team report
4 Hidden Valley Raceway Darwin, Northern Territory 12–13 May Australia Marcos Ambrose Stone Brothers Racing report
5 GMC 400,
Canberra Street Circuit
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 9–10 June Australia Steven Johnson Dick Johnson Racing report
6 Barbagallo Raceway Perth, Western Australia 22–24 June New Zealand Paul Radisich Dick Johnson Racing report
7 Calder Park Raceway Melbourne, Victoria 14–15 July Australia Paul Morris Paul Morris Motorsport report
8 Oran Park Raceway Sydney, New South Wales 28–29 July Australia Mark Skaife Holden Racing Team report
9 VIP Petfoods Queensland 500,
Queensland Raceway
Willowbank, Queensland 24 - 26 Aug New Zealand Paul Radisich
Australia Steven Johnson
Dick Johnson Racing report
10 Winton Motor Raceway Benalla, Victoria 8 - 9 Sep Australia Russell Ingall Perkins Engineering report
11 V8 Supercar 1000,
Mount Panorama Circuit
Bathurst, New South Wales 4 - 7 Oct Australia Mark Skaife
Australia Tony Longhurst
Holden Racing Team report
12 Boost Mobile V8 International,
Pukekohe Park Raceway
Pukekohe, New Zealand 09 - 11 Nov New Zealand Greg Murphy K-mart Racing Team report
13 Australian V8 Ultimate,
Sandown International Raceway
Melbourne, Victoria 1 - 2 Dec Australia Todd Kelly K-mart Racing Team report

Drivers Championship[edit]

Pos Driver Penalty Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Rd 10 Rd 11 Rd 12 Rd 13 Pts
1 Australia Mark Skaife 30 288 340 262 218 282 252 108 286 264 228 552 240 188 3478
2 Australia Russell Ingall 156 464 93 176 190 189 228 179 333 273 314 125 155 2875
3 Australia Jason Bright 80 235 468 237 222 214 157 200 199 264 205 133 181 184 2819
4 New Zealand Greg Murphy 201 210 213 211 77 209 127 75 288 231 432 288 162 2724
5 Australia Steven Johnson 153 455 108 72 294 176 230 204 370 161 59 164 92 2532
6 Australia Todd Kelly 163 334 136 106 119 174 47 187 288 90 432 155 248 2479
7 New Zealand Paul Radisich 133 65 201 58 232 288 208 120 370 161 59 110 104 2109
8 Australia Marcos Ambrose 200 243 165 232 146 82 194 66 82 201 30 232 213 2086
9 Australia Steven Ellery 132 220 54 118 187 104 156 126 232 148 333 126 137 2073
10 Australia Garth Tander 104 238 108 84 288 108 150 146 144 109 356 142 70 2047
11 Australia Craig Lowndes 238 213 172 32 180 188 123 219 16 51 192 125 242 1991
12 New Zealand Steven Richards 191 284 77 172 205 134 148 105 33 105 304 50 104 1912
13 Australia Tony Longhurst 57 256 108 62 36 102 80 102 262 29 552 168 80 1894
14 Australia Larry Perkins 93 264 72 156 134 49 86 54 333 66 314 132 103 1856
15 Australia Jason Bargwanna 105 248 62 134 136 88 64 90 144 126 356 124 144 1821
16 Australia Glenn Seton 150 304 142 132 172 94 78 120 33 75 304 94 102 1800
17 Australia Paul Morris 66 76 141 72 166 68 274 99 195 184 252 22 86 1701
18 Australia Brad Jones 81 84 144 104 94 64 70 123 40 54 480 72 132 1542
19 Australia Mark Larkham 54 160 69 165 178 50 127 51 143 87 84 96 62 1326
20 Australia Paul Weel 78 32 105 102 112 102 76 81 216 93 132 100 78 1307
21 Australia Cameron McConville 54 Ret 75 96 122 134 134 163 112 21 276 48 40 1275
22 Australia John Bowe 54 108 209 59 232 120 76 84 108 102 118 1270
23 Australia David Besnard 57 4 45 177 64 58 102 242 96 84 60 52 112 1153
24 New Zealand Jason Richards DNQ 136 DNQ 68 110 64 42 75 160 69 204 108 110 1146
25 Australia Cameron McLean 108 Ret 144 132 20 114 52 57 Ret 105 396 1128
26 Australia Anthony Tratt 9 180 60 44 96 52 50 DNPQ 128 114 216 72 44 1065
27 Australia Paul Romano 30 104 27 68 100 30 36 192 72 240 60 10 969
28 Australia Tomas Mezera 48 176 DNQ 50 57 262 133 94 78 898
29 Australia Rodney Forbes 66 Ret DNS 68 142 70 78 69 Ret 30 144 116 70 853
30 New Zealand John Faulkner 51 252 42 34 52 48 DNQ 48 56 63 Ret 70 94 810
31 Australia Dugal McDougall 54 88 108 42 22 32 DNPQ 176 57 156 46 781
32 Australia Dean Canto DNQ 92 42 DNQ 30 DNPQ 200 379 743
33 Australia Trevor Ashby 51 208 33 74 264 630
34 Australia Greg Ritter DNQ 128 72 396 596
35 New Zealand Jim Richards 200 379 579
36 Australia Geoff Brabham 232 333 565
37 United Kingdom John Cleland 40 480 520
38 New Zealand Angus Fogg 52 160 204 48 464
39 Australia Owen Kelly 192 240 432
40 Australia Steve Reed 50 116 264 430
41 New Zealand Simon Wills 108 118 76 114 416
42 Australia Rick Bates 112 276 388
43 Australia Tim Leahey 216 132 348
44 Australia Alan Jones 128 216 344
45 Australia Tyler Mecklem DNQ 180 12 32 112 DNQ 336
46 Australia Andrew Miedecke 176 156 332
47 Australia Rick Kelly Ret 228 80 308
48 Australia Matthew White 51 24 DNQ 38 96 60 16 285
49 New Zealand Ashley Stichbury 252 252
50 Australia Alan Heath 56 180 236
51 Australia Dale Brede 48 180 228
Australia Nathan Pretty 228
53 Australia Wayne Gardner 143 84 227
54 Australia Neil Crompton 16 192 208
55 Australia Phillip Scifleet 32 168 200
56 United Kingdom Matt Neal DNS 195 195
57 Australia Tony Ricciardello 24 120 32 180
58 Australia James Brock 104 66 Ret 170
59 Australia Christian D'Agostin DNQ 168 168
Australia Paul Dumbrell 168 Ret
Australia Leanne Ferrier 168 Ret
62 Australia Michael Donaher 15 152 Ret 167
63 Australia Adam Macrow 88 72 160
Australia Luke Youlden 88 72
65 Australia Rod Nash 120 36 156
66 Australia Layton Crambrook 152 Ret DNQ 152
67 Australia Craig Harris 48 96 144
Australia David Parsons Ret 144
69 Australia Ross Halliday 116 Ret 116
70 Australia Steve Owen 104 Ret 104
71 Australia Michael Simpson 96 96
72 Australia Gary Holt 48 45 Ret 93
73 Australia Greg Crick 82 Ret 82
74 Australia Paul Stokell 72 72
75 Australia Eddie Abelnica 57 57
76 New Zealand Craig Baird 56 Ret 56
77 Australia Peter Doulman 48 DNPQ Ret 48
78 Australia Daniel Miller 42 42
79 Australia Rod Salmon 16 24 40
Australia Terry Wyhoon 16 24
81 Australia Aaron McGill 32 32
82 Australia Wayne Wakefield 30 30
Pos Driver Penalty Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Rd 10 Rd 11 Rd 12 Rd 13 Pts
Colour Result
Gold Winner
Silver 2nd place
Bronze 3rd place
Green Points finish
Blue Non-points finish
Non-classified finish (NC)
Purple Retired (Ret)
Red Did not qualify (DNQ)
Did not pre-qualify (DNPQ)
Black Disqualified (DSQ)
White Did not start (DNS)
Withdrew (WD)
Race cancelled (C)
Blank Did not participate (DNP)
Excluded (EX)

Phillip Island, Victoria[edit]

Mark Skaife get off to the best start possible as he collects the maximum amount of points at Phillip Island with Craig Lowndes 2nd on his debut for Ford thanks to the fastest pit stops over the weekend by his pit crew. Jason Bright comes 3rd on his comeback to the sport.

Adelaide, South Australia[edit]

At the next round at Adelaide, Bright wins the round and the double points race after coming from the back of the field after an accident on lap 1, leaving him at the top of the championship. Mark Skaife has a shocker as he came fourth after being spun by Paul Radisich in Race 1 and has another spin in Race 2 leaving him ninth. Craig Lowndes won the Saturday race but tangled with Skaife in Race 2 leaving his car disabled and left him falling behind in the championship. Paul Radisich had the fastest car on the weekend but an axle broke in race 1 and steering damage left him wounded in the championship. Russell Ingall has a good weekend with a third and a second place. There was big controversy over the race officials as rule breaking went unpunished. They were being watched at Eastern Creek.

Eastern Creek, New South Wales[edit]

Craig Lowndes and Marcos Ambrose came first and second in the first race but got penilised because of incidents. Craig passed under a Yellow Flag that he could not see and Marcos made an illegal pass on Greg Murphy. This left Greg Murphy 1st on the grid for Race 2 and Mark Skaife second who started tenth in race 1 after he spun in the shootout. Greg Murphy lost his lead to Skaife after he was given a stop-go penalty for jumping the start, but there was more controversy after he didn't come to a complete stop. He got away with it but the rules were changed for the next round. Mark Skaife duly took out the race and round with team mate Jason Bright second but still leading the championship. Greg Murphy came third for the round even with the penalty.

Hidden Valley, Northern Territory[edit]

The next round at Hidden Valley turned out to be the car breaker of the year, with Greg Murphy and Russell Ingall having mechanical problems while leading within sight of the flag in Race 3 and 2 respectively. Mark Skaife had a stop-go penalty for jumping the start in Race 1 which left him 12th but still recovered to win Race 3 and come third in the round. Jason Bright had another solid weekend coming second and extending his championship lead over his team mate. But it was Marcos Ambrose who kept his nose clean over the weekend to take the round win in only his fourth championship round.

Canberra, ACT[edit]

The GMC 400 was the turning point of the season for Mark Skaife as he came third on the weekend and overtook team-mate Jason Bright, who had a difficult weekend. The DJR cars were the cars to have earlier in the weekend as Paul Radisich and Steven Johnson finished 1-2 in qualifying but Radisich spun out in his shootout lap, leaving him 15th and Steven Johnson claiming his first pole position in the series. New for the championship were the pit lane speed limiters restricted to 40 km/h and only one pit bay per team. Steven Johnson wins the first race from Craig Lowndes who was advantaged bt a clear pit lane. Mark Skaife finished 3rd after starting 5th. Marcos Ambrose retires from the race with a broken driveshaft and will start from the back of the grid. The 2nd race is a reverse grid with Steve Reed and Steven Richards starting on the front row. Steven Richards wins from Marcos Ambrose who has a brilliant race which he started from the back but in race 3 he will have to start from the back again. Mark Skaife has a difficult race when he ran into the back of Rodney Forbes in a concertina effect and finished 24th and will start 10th in race 3. The race 3 grid is decided by an aggregate of points accumulated in race 1 and 2 which means that the front row is Craig Lowndes and Paul Radisich. Mark Skaife wins the race with Garth Tander second and Steve Johnson 3rd. Craig Lowndes was leading until a safety car came out with a pit stop still to go. He eventually retired with fuel pressure problems. Steve Johnson won the round with Garth Tander second and Mark Skaife 3rd.

Barbagallo, Western Australia[edit]

Paul Radisich dominates the weekend as he wins the shootout and Race 1,2 and 3. Mark Skaife consolidates his championship lead with 2nd in all 3 races with Greg Murphy 3rd on the weekend. Russell Ingall saw his chance of a podium dashed when he jumped the start in Race 3 and finished 4th overall.

Calder Park, Victoria[edit]

Paul Morris won his first ever V8 Supercar event as the Big Kev Racer was on the pace from the start of the weekend. Mark Skaife started on Pole but a poor start left him vulnerable to Steven Johnson, who he tapped to give him the lead, but he was issued with a stop-go penalty giving Johnson the lead he never relinquished. Paul Morris came 2nd and Marcos Ambrose 3rd. Paul Morris reverted to blocking in the final 2 races to win both, Russell Ingall finished 2nd in race 2 with Jason Bright 3rd and in race 3, Paul Radisich finished 2nd with Russell Ingall 3rd. Overall for the weekend, Steven Johnson finished 2nd with Russell Ingall 3rd. Mark Skaife finished 14th overall after a spin in race 3.

Oran Park, New South Wales[edit]

Mark Skaife comes back from a difficult Calder with a win in both races after starting 2nd. Craig Lowndes claims the pole, but finished 2nd in race 1 and 8th in race 2 after a spin by Garth Tander but still finishes 3rd overall. David Besnard has a fantastic round as he finishes 3rd and 2nd for a 2nd overall as team mate Marcos Ambrose struggles to get to grips with the track.

Queensland 500, Queensland[edit]

The 1st 2 driver enduro threw up plenty of thrills and spills and a dramatic ending. The heavans opened causing a huge thunder storm as Steven Johson and Paul Radisich win the race in the gravel trap but was lucky as the red flag came out, putting the result to the previous lap. Russell Ingall and Larry Perkins finish 2nd and Todd Kelly and Greg Murphy 3rd. Mark Skaife and Jason Bright finish 4th even though they had oil on the screen for some of the race.

Winton, Victoria[edit]

Russell Ingall put his championship fight another step further as he takes his first round win of the season and also claims his first pole position of his career. Greg Murphy wins Race 1 but a slow pit-stop in Race 2 puts him 6th but still finished 2nd overall for the weekend. Mark Skaife finished 3rd overall for the weekend after starting 15th after a horror qualifying. Marcos Ambrose was the fastest ford over the weekend as he passed car after car after he ran off road on the first corner.

V8 Supercar 1000, Bathurst, New South Wales[edit]

Mark Skaife put one hand on the championship after his win at Bathurst with Tony Longhurst. the drive of the day went to Brad Jones and John Cleland who started 21st and finished 2nd even despite radio dramas that meant that Cleland didn't come in under safety car. They lost out by a couple of seconds. Todd Kelly and Greg Murphy finished 3rd after running in the top 3 all day. They could have won if Todd didn't spin on a slippy track coming into the last pitstop at the chase. Russell Ingall overtook Jason Bright into 2nd place of the championship when Jason didn't finish with Tomas Mezera. Russell and Larry Perkins led coming into the final pitstop but Larry crashed when coming into the pit lane; damaging the front spoiler. They eventually finished 8th. Pole position man Marcos Ambrose went back though the field until he over cooked it coming into pit land at the first pit stop and got stuck in the gravel. He eventually retired. Greg Ritter and Cameron McLean finished 4th after a great race with a fast car. Paul Radisich and Steven Johnson retired with an engine failure during a safety car.

Pukekohe, New Zealand[edit]

In the first ever overseas event for the series, Greg Murphy collected maximum points on home turf. Mark Skaife collects the championship in the first race when he finished ahead of Russell Ingall who had a number of problems with the gearbox. Marcos Ambrose finished 3rd but didn't have the pace of the leading Holdens.

Sandown, Victoria[edit]

Todd Kelly wins his first ever championship round after a win in race 2 and other consistent race results. Mark Skaife wins the first race in dry conditions, but struggled in the wet conditions and eventually retired from race 3 after contact with Steven Richards. Craig Lowndes won the 3rd race from Marcos Ambrose.


Mark Skaife wins the series for the 4th time ahead of Russell Ingall. Jason Bright comes 3rd ahead of Greg Murphy. The first Ford driver is Steven Johnson. Todd Kelly comes 6th after his strong final round ahead of Paul Radisich who had some strong rounds. Marcos Ambrose collected the rookie of the year award after coming 8th but would regret the endurance races where he only collected 112 pts. Steve Ellery is the first driver from a single car team, placing 9th and Garth Tander eventually finishes 10th after a tough year. Craig Lowndes is 11th in his first year for Ford.


At round 2 of the season in Adelaide, there were a number of incidents that went unpunished by race directors. The most notable was when Paul Radisich hit Mark Skaife in the braking area at turn 4. Race control explained that Mark Skaife was holding Radisich up so there was no penalty. There was a number of other offences as well. At the restarts, there were a number of cars 5 car lengths behind the car in front which should mean a stop-go penalty but these incidents went unpunished. The pit -lane was also the scene of controversy as wheelnuts and other parts of cars rolled out into the fast lane, most notably from the Holden Racing Team pit but again, these went unpunished. The only incident that was penalised was Jason Bargwanna spinning John Bowe at the final corner. At the next round at Eastern Creek, the officials said they would be a lot tougher on offenders.


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