2001 United States House of Representatives elections

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In 2001 there were seven special elections to the United States House of Representatives.

District Vacator Reason for change Successor
Pennsylvania 9th Bud Shuster (R) Incumbent resigned, effective January 31, 2001.
New member elected May 15, 2001. Republican hold.
Bill Shuster (R)
California 32nd Vacant Incumbent Julian Dixon (D) had died December 8, 2000, before the beginning of this Congress.
New member elected June 5, 2001. Democratic hold.
Diane Watson (D)
Virginia 4th Norman Sisisky (D) Incumbent died March 29, 2001.
New member elected June 19, 2001. Republican gain.
J. Randy Forbes (R)
Massachusetts 9th Joe Moakley (D) Incumbent died May 28, 2001.
New member elected October 16, 2001. Democratic hold.
Stephen F. Lynch (D)
Florida 1st Joe Scarborough (R) Incumbent resigned, effective September 6, 2001.
New member elected October 16, 2001. Republican hold.
Jeff Miller (R)
Arkansas 3rd Asa Hutchinson (R) Incumbent resigned August 5, 2001 to head the Drug Enforcement Administration.
New member elected November 20, 2001. Republican hold.
John Boozman (R)
South Carolina 2nd Floyd Spence (R) Incumbent died August 16, 2001.
New member elected December 18, 2001. Republican hold.
Joe Wilson (R)

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