2002 Comorian presidential election

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Presidential elections were held in the Comoros in 2002. In accordance with the new constitution approved in a referendum the previous year, the island of Grande Comore was to provide the candidates for this election as part of a rotation agreement between the three islands. A first round was held on Grande Comore on 17 March, after which the top three candidates, Azali Assoumani, Mahamoud Mradabi and Saïd Ali Kemal went through to a second, national round of voting on 14 April. However, both Mradabi and Kemal boycotted the second round, leaving first round winning Assoumani as the only candidate.[1]


Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Azali Assoumani Independent 44,298 39.81 81,551 100
Mahamoud Mradabi Shawiri 17,462 15.69
Saïd Ali Kemal Islands' Fraternity and Unity Party 11,881 10.68
Abbas Djoussouf Movement for Democracy and Progress 8,761 7.87
Mtara Maécha National Rally for Development–Renewal 8,748 7.86
Youssouf Saïd Djawabu 6,752 6.07
Abdallah Halifa Hope 2000 4,998 4.49
Ali Mroudjaé Comorian Party for Democracy and Progress 4,624 4.16
Mustapha Saïd Cheikh Democratic Front of the Comoros 3,759 3.38
Invalid/blank votes 3,795 5,700
Total 115,078 100 87,251 100
Registered voters/turnout 150,867 76.28 223,396 39.06
Source: African Elections Database


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