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The 2002 IAAF Golden League was the fifth edition of the annual international track and field meeting series, held from 28 June to 6 September. It was contested at seven European meetings: the Bislett Games, Meeting Gaz de France, Golden Gala, Herculis, Weltklasse Zürich, Memorial Van Damme and the Internationales Stadionfest (ISTAF).

The Golden League jackpot consisted of one million US dollars' worth of gold bars. The jackpot was available to athletes who won all seven competitions of the series in one of the twelve specified events (divided equally between the sexes) and participated at the 2002 IAAF Grand Prix Final. The jackpot events for 2002 were: 100 metres for men and women, women's 400 metres, 1500 metres for men and women, 3000 metres/5000 metres for men and women, women's 100 metres hurdles, men's 400 metres hurdles, men's pole vault, men's triple jump and women's javelin throw.[1]

The prize was shared between four athletes who won all seven events: Morocco's Hicham El Guerrouj, Felix Sánchez of the Dominican Republic, American Marion Jones and Mexico's Ana Guevara.[2] Marion Jones's results were later annulled after she admitted to doping.[3] Gail Devers came close to winning the jackpot, taking 100 m hurdles victories at all competitions except for Zurich, where she was beaten by Glory Alozie.


Bislett Games
28 June
Meeting Gaz de France
5 July
Golden Gala
12 July
19 July
Weltklasse Zürich
16 August
Memorial Van Damme
30 August
6 September
100 m  Dwain Chambers (GBR)  Maurice Greene (USA)  Maurice Greene (USA)  Maurice Greene (USA)  Tim Montgomery (USA)  Tim Montgomery (USA)  Dwain Chambers (GBR)
200 m  Frank Fredericks (NAM)  Coby Miller (USA)
400 m  Leonard Byrd (USA)  Michael Blackwood (JAM)  Michael Blackwood (JAM)
800 m  David Krummenacker (USA)  David Krummenacker (USA)  Wilson Kipketer (DEN)  Joseph Mutua (KEN)  Wilson Kipketer (DEN)  Wilfred Bungei (KEN)
1500 m
 Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)  Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)  Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)  Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)  Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)  Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)  Hicham El Guerrouj (MAR)
3000 m/
5000 m
 Benjamin Limo (KEN)  Benjamin Limo (KEN)  Salah Hissou (MAR)  Benjamin Limo (KEN)  Sammy Kipketer (KEN)  Abderrahim Goumri (MAR)  Luke Kipkosgei (KEN)
10,000 metres  Sammy Kipketer (KEN)
110 m hurdles  Anier García (CUB)  Larry Wade (USA)
400 m hurdles  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  Felix Sánchez (DOM)  Felix Sánchez (DOM)
3000 m s'chase  Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)  Brahim Boulami (MAR)  Stephen Cherono (KEN)  Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN)
Pole vault  Tim Mack (USA)  Romain Mesnil (FRA)  Tim Lobinger (GER)  Jeff Hartwig (USA)  Lars Börgeling (GER)  Alexander Averbukh (ISR)  Alexander Averbukh (ISR)
High jump  Tomáš Janku (CZE)  Mark Boswell (CAN)  Stefan Holm (SWE)
Triple jump  Jonathan Edwards (GBR)  Jonathan Edwards (GBR)  Walter Davis (USA)  Christian Olsson (SWE)  Jonathan Edwards (GBR)  Walter Davis (USA)  Christian Olsson (SWE)
Javelin throw  Boris Henry (GER)  Boris Henry (GER)  Boris Henry (GER)
Discus throw  Róbert Fazekas (HUN)
Hammer throw  Igor Astapkovich (BLR)
100 m  Marion Jones (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)
200 m  Kelli White (USA)  Marion Jones (USA)
400 m  Ana Guevara (MEX)  Ana Guevara (MEX)  Ana Guevara (MEX)  Ana Guevara (MEX)  Ana Guevara (MEX)  Ana Guevara (MEX)  Ana Guevara (MEX)
800 metres  Zulia Calatayud (CUB)  Zulia Calatayud (CUB)  Maria Mutola (MOZ)  Maria Mutola (MOZ) (1000 m)
1500 m  Maria Cioncan (ROM)  Nicole Teter (USA)  Maria Mutola (MOZ)  Regina Jacobs (USA)  Gabriela Szabo (ROM)  Süreyya Ayhan (TUR)  Süreyya Ayhan (TUR)
3000 m/
5000 m
 Gabriela Szabo (ROM)  Gabriela Szabo (ROM)  Edith Masai (KEN)  Gabriela Szabo (ROM)  Berhane Adere (ETH)  Berhane Adere (ETH)  Berhane Adere (ETH)
100 m hurdles  Gail Devers (USA)  Gail Devers (USA)  Gail Devers (USA)  Gail Devers (USA)  Glory Alozie (ESP)  Gail Devers (USA)  Gail Devers (USA)
400 m hurdles  Jana Pittman (AUS)
Pole vault  Svetlana Feofanova (RUS)
High jump  Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE)  Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE)
Long jump  Maurren Maggi (BRA)  Heike Drechsler (GER)
Triple jump  Huang Qiuyan (CHN)
Shot put  Astrid Kumbernuss (GER)
Javelin throw  Osleidys Menéndez (CUB)  Tatyana Shikolenko (RUS)  Osleidys Menéndez (CUB)  Tatyana Shikolenko (RUS)  Tatyana Shikolenko (RUS)  Nikolett Szabo (HUN)  Osleidys Menéndez (CUB)


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