2002 Immanuel bus attack

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Immanuel bus attack
Part of the Second Intifada militancy campaign
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The attack site
Location Immanuel, West Bank
Date July 16, 2002
15:00 pm
Attack type
Ambush, Mass murder, spree killing, Bombing, Shooting attack
Weapons AK-47 rifles, hand grenades, a roadside bomb
Deaths 9 Israeli civilians[1][2][3]
Non-fatal injuries
20 Israeli civilians[2]

The Immanuel bus attack was an ambush attack by Palestinian militants against Israeli civilians on 16 July 2002. It was carried out by three Palestinians disguised as Israeli soldiers.

The attackers first detonated a roadside bomb next to an armored civilian Dan No. 189 bus. Immediately afterwards, the assailants opened fire and threw hand grenades at the passengers. Nine Israelis were killed in the attack and 20 people suffered various degrees of injuries.

The attack[edit]

On Tuesday afternoon, 16 July 2002, three armed Palestinians militants disguised as Israeli soldiers planted a roadside bomb beside the road leading to the Jewish settlement of Immanuel, about 200 meters before the entrance to the town. After placing the bomb, the assailants ambushed a bus on its way from Bnei Brak.[4][5]

At about 15:00 an armored Dan bus line 189, en route to Immanuel from Bnei Brak, approached the site as the roadside bomb exploded. As a result of the explosion, the bus was immobilized. The assailants fired small arms at the bus and threw hand grenades at the passengers through its roof and windows.[6][7]

Nine people were killed in the attack and 20 people suffered various degrees of injuries.[8]


  • Yonatan Gamliel, 16, of Immanuel[9]
  • Keren Kashani, 29, of Immanuel[10]
  • Ilana Siton, 41, of Immanuel[11]
  • Galila Ades, 43, of Immanuel[12]
  • Zilpa Kashi, 67, of Giv'atayim[13]
  • Gal Shilon, 32, of Immanuel[14]
  • Yocheved Ben-Hanan, 21, of Immanuel[15]
  • Sarah Tiferet Shilon, 11 months, of Immanuel[16]
  • The premature Weinberg infant (9 hours)[17]

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