2002 MTV Movie Awards

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2002 MTV Movie Awards
DateSaturday, June 1, 2002
LocationShrine Auditorium,
Los Angeles, California
Country United States
Hosted byUnited States Jack Black
United States Sarah Michelle Gellar
Television/radio coverage

The 2002 MTV Movie Awards were presented on June 6, 2002, hosted by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black, and featured performances by The White Stripes, Kelly Osbourne and Eminem. It was the 11th Annual MTV Movie Awards. This year, MTV added four new award categories, but their winners didn't appear in the TV Show: "Favorite Line", "Best Cameo", "Best Dressed" and "Best Music Moment". The "Best Song" (or "Best Musical Performance") category disappeared, and the "Best Dance Sequence" category returned. "Best On-Screen Duo" became "Best On-Screen Team".




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