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Philippines 2002 in the Philippines

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2002 in the Philippines details events of note that happened in the Philippines in the year 2002.



  • March 5 – The sixth most powerful earthquake of the year, the Mindanao earthquake struck near the Cotabato Trench and registered a magnitude of 7.5.[1]
  • May 31 – Hostage crisis in Philtranco Bus Terminal in Malibay, Pasay City at dawn, lasted for two hours and ended with the death of both the 4-year-old boy, Dexter Balala, and the drugged knife-wielder, Diomedes Talbo. The young victim was stabbed 13 times by the suspect while the police tried to conduct a rescue attempt, which then failed. The policemen shot the suspect, however, they also hit the boy five times including one bullet which pierced his heart.[2][3][4][5]
  • June 21 – Leader of the extremist Abu Sayyaf, Abu Sabaya, was killed by soldiers of the Philippine Army.[6]
  • July 15 – Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections were held for the first time in the Philippines upon effect of Republic Act No. 9164 which was approved on March 19, 2002 by the 12th Congress of the Philippines.
  • October 2 – A bomb blast in front of a Malagutay district karaoke bar near a military arms depot[7] in Zamboanga City killed an American Green Beret commando and three Filipino civilians. At least 25 other people, one of them another American trooper, were wounded in the blast.[8]
  • October 17 – Two TNT bombs exploded around noon inside a shopping centre in the commercial district of Zamboanga City, when the mall was most busy, killing at least seven and wounding about 150 people.[9] Two department stores were destroyed in the attack.
  • October 21 – A Philippine Marine guarding the church was killed and 18 others were wounded after a bomb, placed in bag left at a candle store, exploded at Fort Pilar, a Catholic shrine in Zamboanga City.[10]





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