2003 Czech Social Democratic Party leadership election

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2003 ČSSD leadership election

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  Vladimir Spidla, 2007 crop.jpg Rusnok Jiří 2013.JPG
Candidate Vladimír Špidla Jiří Rusnok
Electoral vote 299 147
Percentage 67.04% 32.96%

Leader of ČSSD before election

Vladimír Špidla

Elected Leader of ČSSD

Vladimír Špidla

The Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) leadership election of 2003 was held on 30 March 2003. The incumbent leader Vladimír Špidla was re-elected.[1]

His rivals were Jiří Rusnok, Jana Volfová and Josef Dobrý. Volfová and Dobrý withdrew from election before the voting started and endorsed Rusnok.[2]



  • Stanislav Gross – Gross was rumoured to be a candidate. Some organisations proclaimed their support for his possible candidacy. He himself said that he would run for the position in 2006.[3]


Candidate Vote %
Vladimír Špidla 299 67.04
Jiří Rusnok 147 32.96
Total 446 100


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