2003 FIRA Women's European Championship

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The seventh tournament featured only eight teams, divided into pools A and B. For the first time the A and B pools were also organised as separate competitions in different venues, and in different weeks. The A Pool in Malmö was won by Spain, and the B pool by Netherlands. France and Spain were represented by their respective "A" teams.

Netherlands' win was the first time a host team had won an official FIRA championship (France had won the unofficial title as hosts in 1988)

2003 FIRA Women's European Championship
2003-05-01 - 2003-05-11
Host nations  Sweden and
No. of nations 8
Champions  Spain
Runner-up  France
Matches played 8

Pool A (at Malmö, Sweden)[edit]


2003-05-01 Sweden  0-9  France Malmö, Sweden [31/86/2]
2003-05-01 Italy  5-29  Spain Malmö, Sweden [40/54/5]

3rd/4th Place[edit]

2003-05-03 Sweden  15-10  Italy Malmö, Sweden [32/41/2]


2003-05-03 France  10-16  Spain Malmö, Sweden [87/55/13]

Pool B (at Amsterdam, Netherlands)[edit]


2003-05-08 Denmark  0-113  Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands [1/60/1]
2003-05-08 Germany  75-0  Norway Amsterdam, Netherlands [39/1/1]

3rd/4th Place[edit]

2003-05-11 Denmark  10-10  Norway Amsterdam, Netherlands [2/2/1]
[Norway won 3-2 on penalties]


2003-05-11 Netherlands  19-12  Germany Amsterdam, Netherlands [61/40/13]

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