2003 Georgian constitutional referendum

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A constitutional referendum was held in Georgia on 2 November 2003 alongside parliamentary elections. The constitutional changes proposed would reduce the number of seats in the next Parliament of Georgia from 235 to 150.

With almost 90% voting in favour,[1] the changes were first implemented following the 2008 Georgian legislative election.


Prior to the referendum, citizens groups had gathered 218,000 signatures on a petition calling for a reduction in the number of MPs, higher than the 200,000 required for a constitutional initiative. On 3 September 2003 President Eduard Shevardnadze signed a decree approving the referendum.[1]


Are you for or against the reduction in the number of Georgian parliamentarians to 150 members?

Choice Votes %
For 1,590,309 89.61
Against 184,209 10.39
Invalid/blank votes 123,466
Total 1,904,105 100
Registered voters/turnout 3,178,593 63.89
Source: Direct Democracy