2003 Origins Award winners

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The following are the winners of the 29th annual Origins Award, held in 2003:

Category Winner Company
Game of the Year Indy HeroClix WizKids Games
Abstract Board Game Zendo Looney Labs
Board Game Expansion Zombies 3: Mallwalkers Twilight Creations
Card Game Expansion Game of Thrones: Ice & Fire Expansion Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Miniatures Rules Warmachine Privateer Press
Fantasy Miniatures Series Warmachine Privateer Press
Fiction, Long Book of Final Flesh Eden Studios
Fiction, Short Podo and the Magic Shield WizKids Games
Fiction, Graphic Everybody Loves Gilly Dork Storm
Periodical Dragon magazine Paizo Publishing
Book Design Redhurst Academy of Magic Human Head
Card Design Bang! Mayfair Games
Board Design A Game of Thrones Fantasy Flight Games
Historical Board Game Attack! Eagle Games
Historical Miniatures Rules El Cid Warhammer Historical
Historical Miniatures Series 28mm Ancient Celts Renegade Miniatures
Miniatures Accessories or Terrain Aurora Class Drop Ship WizKids Games
Play-by-Mail Starweb Flying Buffalo
Role-Playing Game Adventure Black Sails over Freeport Green Ronin Publishing
Role-Playing Game Angel Eden Studios
Role-Playing Game Supplement Redhurst Academy of Magic Human Head
Sci-Fi Miniatures Rules Shadowrun Duels WizKids Games
Sci-Fi Miniatures Series Mechwarrior Liao Incursion WizKids Games
TCG .hack//enemy Decipher
Traditional Board A Game of Thrones Fantasy Flight Games
Traditional Card Game Bang! Mayfair Games
Gamers' Choice Awards
Board Game A Game of Thrones Fantasy Flight Games
Card Game Munchkin Fu Steve Jackson Games
Role-Playing Game Savage Worlds Pinnacle
Miniatures WarMachine Privateer Press
Periodical Knights of the Dinner Table Kenzer & Company
Play-by-Mail Middle-Earth Play-By-Mail Game Systems, Inc.
Game Aid Bag o’ Zombies Twilight Creations
Electronic Pyramid Online Steve Jackson Games
Historical Settlers of the Stone Age Mayfair Games

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